Shoigu invited Putin to change the system of arms and equipment repair

Russian Defense Ministry has submitted for approval to President Vladimir Putin latest scheme of repair and maintenance Military Equipment, contracts providing for the transition to a full cycle and excretion of Defense units of manufacturers.

"We would like now to invite you to the newest system of corrective maintenance of weapons and Military Equipment. This is due, first, to the fact that we would want to pass on, in-1's, through contracts — contracts for the current cycle, from production to disposal, "- said the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with Putin, in which also took the role of Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.

"And the second part — perhaps it is basic — we want to give it serious and medium repairs to the manufacturer brought them out, including the division of the Ministry of Defence. Meanwhile, of course, freeing up extra numbers," — said the Minister.

The most important thing is that technology has to fix the one who produces, he singled out.

"Plus, we are now concluding part of the negotiation with the" Russian Technologies ", with companies KamAZ, with a construction companies servicing arms Military Equipment, ships, aircraft, ground vehicles, armored vehicles. And now want to suggest to you for approval of this latest system that we developed, arranged with the heads of companies, municipal companies. We believe this will allow us to more perfectly to use the great tools that are allocated by the state to ensure the defense of our country, "- said Shoigu.

"Excellent. Currently talk on all these issues," — said Putin.

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