Shoigu offered to give the repair function equipment manufacturing plants

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposes to transfer the function of repair of equipment from the Ministry of manufacturing plants.

"For the Defense Department should have its own fully comprehensive system. We do not want to get a deal with the case. Other words, anything that deals with serious repairs, all for the extension of resources, including aggregates, we wish that this engaged in manufacturing plants, "- said Shoigu at a government meeting.

As for the definition of the resource, then the speech, according to Sergei Shoigu, talking about aircraft engines.

"If we take analogues zabugornye, by many just a resource is unlimited. He completed (time) and no one will not extend. We have assigned resource, then additional funds are paid, renewable resource, and so can be in almost all cases to infinity. And with that, too, something must be done, in other words there to restore order in our regulatory documentation and read about what can not be produced aircraft machine with the resource least a certain level, "- explained minister, noting that it is a kind of business.

He added that almost turns out that claimed one resource, and later for a fee, it will be extended. Shoigu suggested that this issue be discussed at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"We need to put an end sometime, it will be like that in our country," — said the Minister of Defence.

In turn, minister Denis MANTUROV industry, speaking of the maintenance system, said Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Defence agreed that it would be touch not only helicopters and aircraft, and all types of weapons.

"Indeed, the Ministry of Defence is unusual deal with this subject, we will take it into the hands of the industry, we have agreed on this, and we are currently in the process of preparing this proposal," — said MANTUROV.

Speaking of resources, he noted that they are not formed well in advance, and during the tests — in the world of technology is resource after repeated trials.

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