Shoigu sacked the head of the Department of Defense Education

Minister Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on December 7, signed an order to dismiss the head of the Department of Defense Education Catherine Priezzheva. On it informs RIA announcements.

As the agency said in the press service of the Defense Ministry, to the purpose of the new head of the Education Department of the Ministry of Defence will be the curator of military education Deputy Secretary of Defense State Secretary Nikolai Pankov.

Nikolai Pankov, General of the Army in the stores is position Deputy Secretary of Defense since 2005. He retained his position in the process of permutations in the Defense Ministry, which began after November 6, Anatoly Serdyukov was removed from the post of Minister of Defence due to the scandal in the theft of "Oboronservis", controlled by the Ministry. Serdyukov took place last governor of Moscow Sergei Shoigu.

After that, the position Head of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov was instead appointed Valery Gerasimov. Deputy Minister Alexander Sukhorukov, who held the post of first deputy and oversaw the military training of troops, succeeded Arkady Bahini. In addition, the Ministry of the left deputy Finance Minister Elena Kozlova deputy Information and Technology Policy Dmitry Chushkin. The new Assistant Secretary of Defense for military science was Oleg Ostapenko, who previously served as commander of the troops Gallakticheskimi.

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