Shtennes — hidden agent or German patriot?

Actions with the role of hidden agents rarely discusses the society because of their enthusiasm for the prodigious life of the inhabitants is always high. Information about such people is very significant for the sovereigns, and its publication pulls scandalous reaction, because even the government in which identified and arrested a foreign agent without always trying to uncover all the information about it. One of these individuals, the data on which the now quite small, is Walter Shtennes. Born a German worker in the mid 90-ies of the nineteenth century a family of intellectuals and bureaucrats lower rank, according to some reports, had a similar connection with Henry Bryunningom.

Of his early childhood and youth in Russia virtually nothing is clear. But it should be said that this man had a good education, imperative and strong character, sharp sharp brain and strong political convictions. Specifically, as a result of failure to take the side of Adolf Hitler Shtennesu had to leave his native country and stay for a long time abroad, working with foreign intelligence agencies.

In his youth, he graduated from the Prussian cadet and junior officer went to the front. Enterprising and desperate guy quickly grabbed the glory of "daredevil". Despite the numerous awards and honors, Shtennes quickly got yarlychek "inconvenient" subordinate. He often found himself far-sighted and intelligent own superiors, because they only evoked hostility and frank horror. But after returning to Germany in 1919 Shtennes was invited to the police security for the creation of special units. Already year acted in Berlin organized a special squad motorized, distinguished by consistency of actions and unconditional submission to his own head. Leadership properties Shtennesa appreciated Pressdorf background and background Vatter. Management has committed to him the most difficult and important tasks. In the entire history of service failures in Shtennesa was not, he always accurately counted and spelled their actions, resulting in one of the most influential figures ever since.

Shtennes first was a politician, and the opposition to Hitler's gaze. His convictions have emerged during the war years, when he joined the ranks of the revolutionaries, and met future powerful Goering. His first political activity is related to the Voluntary Corps. Solid eyes for just the power and necessity of revolutionary change has kept this country man for long years of self-enforced exile. As surprising as it sounds against a person who was a Russian intelligence agent, Shtennes was a patriot of his own country. With Hitler's case did not exist from the beginning. Shtennes was a man of far-sighted and intelligent, behavior and gaze favorite fascism outright rejection caused him. Even in the ranks of the NSDAP such influential man came too late. He refused to participate in a coup in 1923, but retained his own authority in the political arena of the country. By his own admission the case with the party were bullied and other exit Shtenness not beheld. Hitler drew into the ranks of an unlimited number of German youth, while an old people's ideas of imperial quenching new favorite wary.

In particular Edged were differences in the sight of the role of the CA in the country. Already in service under the Goebbels appeared harsh controversy about the presence of which the latter is not once mentioned in their own diaries and memos. But, despite all the freedom of thought and expression, Shtennes remained one of the most valuable human resources NSDAP. It is perfectly understood and Goebbels and Hitler. Highest echelons of power the SA had to be as "kulaks", obedient to the will of the party, while Shtennes Stormtroopers aggressively positioned as the political elite.

In autumn 1931 Shtennes tried to organize a coup. In September, ground attack, led by their commander went to attack the headquarters of the Nazi Party in order to move the current government. The main requirements of the rebels was to increase the cash collateral CA, who was at this time in humiliating poor condition. Stormtroopers were still so strong that immediately came to Berlin and Hitler himself personally open a discussion with this question Shtennesom. As a result, most of the requirements was granted, but the favorite of the Nazi realized that managing the CA is not just "inconvenient" subordinates, and unsafe competitor in the political arena.

Shtennes had its good from Hitler's point of view on the prospects for the development of the country. Particular controversy provoked discussion of methods of coming to power. In consequence, he often spoke in opposition to the ruling elite, but still remained on top positions. Why is this happening? The fact that Shtennes was an indispensable because a tremendous advantage of the respect CA. After the coup, Hitler drew the sample in his place Shtennesa Remus. Purpose was bad since occupation as managing storm troopers face non-standard orientation was seen by the rank and file as a personal insult. Capable and responsible Rem was not authoritative for the CA because they secretly continued to maintain Shtennesa.

In the spring of 1931 was again attempted armed conflict, which has failed for a variety of reasons, one of which was a shortage of funding and the lack of its own publication. In addition, the policy of Hitler supported countless young people, and to fight their own people Shtennes not lusted. But even after the coup was suppressed, Shtennes was not only free, and the like used to have political weight. Yet the situation is tense right up to 1932. Hitler was well aware that leaving such an influential rival smart, because as soon as power gave the order for his arrest. The arrest was preceded by lengthy provocative activities in the press on both sides. Shtennes lost the information war because no wealth funds.

Has promoted the future conclusion of his favorite brown army influential friend of Göring, by arranging a visit to China. Shtennes was met with a very favorable disposition and certain control units bodyguard Chiang Kai-shek. , During the Japanese anger he began charging and intelligence operations. Ability Shtennesa were necessary and in the far eastern country, and he is successful in doing errands of state significance, including the hidden ones. Due to the developed secret service, the experience gained Teuton pretty quickly captured not only accommodation in the Chinese government circles, and was able to establish some connection with the Russian intelligence service.

Declassified facts support from the 1st of the members of the power elite of Nazi Germany Russian intelligence services have become a shocking news. But the figure in the press Shtennesa equal to spy or secret agent, which he in fact had never been. No pereverbovki happened, because in cooperation Shtennes always pursued only one goal: the overthrow of the fascist regime and the restoration of independent Germany. Shtennes quite willingly and freely shared with the Russian Union of information about the features of the Land of the Rising Sun relations and Germany, has also expressed an educated guess about the timing of the coming of the German army and the probability of opening of the Eastern Front. Yet, the Russian intelligence came across a hard refusal to work against the interests of Germany after the war and the overthrow of the Fuhrer.

Mind-boggling life of this worthy man, who had dared to openly oppose the Third Reich, was cut short at ninety 3rd year of life in his native Westphalia. Political opponent of fascism and survived Hitler and Goebbels, and many other powerful competitors of th
eir own. He never betrayed his own fatherland, and believed that the best political allies for Germans to be the Soviet Union and China. Many of the statements that person relevant today. We will not argue that the identity of Walter Shtennesa very diverse, and evaluate its activities can be from different points of view. In the context of the mentioned article is just one of them more popular. Each of us will be useful to reflect on the role of the man, both for Germany and for China and the Soviet Union. Creator only offers to do it.

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