Silent area of peace

It is difficult to find a more intimidating place in Central Mexico than a place called the "zone of peace". The peculiarity of this place, located on the border of three states in the country, is inexplicable jamming all radio signals.

First unclear cases began to occur in the early 30s of last century, when the people caught in the "zone of silence" suddenly noticed a malfunction of the compasses and watches. Some of the witnesses told that the car engine suddenly stopped working and stopped to do radio.

It all started with the fact that a group of engineers, we pass near the hill of San Ignacio, a fault radio, and on arrival at the base was discovered that radio is fully functional. Buy a spare parts for washing machines in Marino can be in the company of

The first geophysical survey of the area was conducted in 1964, but its results were not able to identify the cause of the impact of this place on the radio and the work of art. After a while, it was found that a large number of meteorite falls in this area. This has given rise to various theories on the involvement of foreign entities is happening. Another theory is based on the assumption of a secret military base, located in the "Zone of Silence", a powerful radio signals which are jamming all radio receivers, and in the vicinity.

The only thing that can somehow explain the incident is the fact that the soil of this region of Mexico is full of magnesium and uranium, which cause disruptions in the mechanics and radio. It should be noted that in some states of the country can often find unusual mutations in animals, but this area has not increased radioactivity.

Mexican "zone of silence" has named the second Bermuda Triangle. Many scientists believe that the cause of what is happening in these areas may be one and the same natural anomaly.

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