Skin Types

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The skin type is important to know to properly care for the person.

The easiest way to determine the type of skin: immediately after morning awakening apply to face the thin paper napkin. If on a napkin left traces of fat — the skin is oily. If grease has a place (shiny, say, only the nose or chin) — you have combination skin. If the cloth after applying it to the face remained clean, the skin is normal or dry.

To distinguish normal from dry skin, you should wash with soap and water. If This will bring a feeling of tightness person, then skin dry.If not — normal.

Normal skin

Normal skin looks clean (no spots, rashes and flaking), it is velvety, smooth and elastic, without large pores and dead skin cells.

Sometimes before menstruation can occur pustules. In this period there is increased formation of hormones, which increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, but for people with normal skin pustules and pimples are not a problem. In the morning wash your face with plain water, soap, bran or rosewater. In the evening to remove make-up cleansing cream and apply toning cream, softening the skin. Under the powder apply moisturizer cream.

Dry skin

Dry skin, flaky and sluggish, especially on the cheeks, visible under the eyes. Even the teenagers are on the cheeks, under the eyes and the corners of the mouth wrinkles appear. If you have dry skin appear capillaries, peeling, dry spots, redness, inflamed in the cold. Dry skin needs a good clean. Since the sebaceous glands do not secrete sufficient amounts of fat, the skin becomes dehydrated. If you have dry skin, take the appropriate measures. If you do not, then there will be wrinkles.

The skin should be cleaned with a cream, then remove the rest of the cream with the help of a very mild tonic, such as rose water or herbal tincture (broth). Wash your face water and clean it well. If you are afraid that desiccate the skin, apply a sufficiently large amount of moisturizer. Try to wash milk. Instead of soap, you can use oatmeal (oatmeal) or almond flour. For this type of skin is very important nourishment and protection. In the evening, do not go out without moisturizer.

If the skin is very dry, restore its greasy nourishing cream in about 20 minutes, remove the excess cream. You should know that skin absorbs the necessary amount of the cream for 10 minutes and excess only clog pores.

Oily skin

Oily skin — shiny, rough, earthy colors. The sebaceous glands produce more of grease than necessary, making oily skin with enlarged pores. Their skin often have acne, it is prone to acne. Oily skin should be cleaned more often than other skin types. It is more trapped dust and makeup that clog the pores, which leads to the formation of acne. A person with oily skin should wash three times a day with soap and water.

In the evening cleansing cream, remove makeup residues. Use soft toning lotions that increase blood circulation and improve skin texture. Moisturize oily skin is not necessary but non-greasy moisturizer during the day you can enjoy.

Combination skin

To take care of such skin should be as per two different types of skin. Dry skin usually on the cheeks, oily — in the central part of the face: forehead, nose, chin. Areas with oily skin should be cleaned astringent and toning lotions and cheeks require the same care as dry skin.


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