Slaves — a new class of Russian society


Slave labor is much cheaper, decided entrepreneur from Kostroma and organized a small business using free labor. Employees searched among the homeless, and for the slightest offense beat.

A few months ago in a forest near Kostroma businessman Alexander Soloviev organized the production of charcoal. The people who worked here, investigators believe were actually slaves: Here lived a shed for the slightest offense to beat the boss.
Employees for your company Solovyov was looking mainly among the homeless. Meet on the street, promised good pay and housing. That will fall into slavery, these people are not even aware.
One of them was arrested and kidnapped at all. As follows from the case, the entrepreneur with helper, forced a man sat in the car and drove to the forest. There workers loaded timber in the oven, ready packaged raw. None of them had never received the promised salary.
One of the people who worked for several months in Solovyov, said his comrades tried to escape twice, but each time they were returned back. "I put them near the car, his hands tied with wire. I said, let's ax, I told them I will cut off the head. And he began to wave at the very head of the ax hit the ground. Then one jaw broken in several places, it is said, you science to more you did not run ", — says the victim.
Orders prevailing in the coal industry, it became known, when the entrepreneur decided to get rid of one of the slaves. A man who is already struggling to be carried up, he landed on the edge of a shirt. Not easy for the winter-dressed man, soon noticed a police patrol. "
"One of the victims during the coal conversion was injured, after which he started having health problems, and by January 2012 he could no longer in service. In this regard, the defendant brought it back to Kostroma and landed on the street, "- said the senior assistant head of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Kostroma region Olga Vakurova.
At the time of arrest the host company he worked 5 people, but how many episodes will be in the case, investigators say yet not taken. Perhaps, they say, used slave labor employed in the past.
However, he denies all charges Soloviev. "They tell me, honestly, were needed to ensure that at night to heat the oven. Other works, almost 70%, we ran with his sons, "- says the accused Alexander Soloviev.
Alexander Soloviev is charged under two articles of the Criminal Code. If found guilty, not soon resume production of coal: for kidnapping and the use of slave labor and faces up to 15 years in prison.

Andrey Kuznetsov
Directorate of Information Services Channel

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