Slavic Bazaar: Who song, who — prison

On the eve of the opening of the "Slavic Bazaar" CCP BPF activist Sergei Kovalenko detained by the police, and his brother Vitali was sentenced to five days in jail. Today in Vitebsk on a celebration comes Alexander Lukashenko.

Vitaly Kovalenko sure that him and his older brother Sergei police deliberately decided to isolate the festival, "zastrahavavshysya" unwanted opposition rallies.

The charge of disorderly conduct — foul language in a public place — Vitali tried to challenge in the Railway District Court. But to no avail: the court sided with the police officers who testified that the man allegedly swore. Other witnesses in court was not, although detention took place in a crowded place: noticing that he was riding a police car, the guy purposely stopped at the bus stop, where a lot of people.

"I saw a car with riot police — well, I think it's on my mind. Switched to a stop where there was a lot of people. Came up to me and say, "There's a crime happens, you like the description of the perpetrators. We must get to the office. " And already in the car laughing and say, "Well, why did you, Vitaly, using foul language" — so said the circumstances of the detention in court Vitaly Kovalenko.

The next 5 days he has to spend in the detention center.

There is also his brother, Sergei. Yesterday he was arrested near his home for alleged violation of the regime of serving a conditional sentence to which he was sentenced for what he posted on January 7 national flag on the city's main Christmas tree. The police made the report that he returned home later the 21st hour, which is considered to be a violation of the regime. Lidia Kovalenko says that the police attended, when Sergei back and just do not let him into the entrance, while the control time to be released;

WMilitsyyant blocked the road and did not let go in the entrance. Hold out for 10 minutes and then drew up a report on the delay.

"The policeman blocked the road and did not let go in the entrance. Hold out for 10 minutes and then drew up a report on the delay. He even before walking on the porch, asking neighbors wrote the act, took their signature. And then I went to the porch to wait. Knowing that Sergei has until the 9th to return. "

Lidia Kovalenko worries that fixed abnormality may result in a change of punishment for Sergei Kovalenko: instead of the conditional award he can "chemistry" or even imprisonment.

The police today most closely patrolled Vitebsk, since the opening night of "Slavonic Bazaar" waiting Alexander Lukashenko.

Fair opened in the afternoon of artistic products "City of Masters", and at the entrance there were the first checkpoints. All visitors to literally groping and check that in the bags.

Despite the fact that the official opening of the festival has not been already started from July 7 concerts. They will take place not only in the Summer Amphitheatre, but for the first time — on a reworked by order of the Chairman Executive Committee Alexander Kosinets Victory Square. There have already installed the sound-amplifying equipment and get ready for the concert of the Russian participant of Eurovision Dima Bilan. Tickets for the concert are at 15,000, and they have already started to forcibly implement in enterprises: the organizers are concerned that the performance at half-empty space does not pay money.


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