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At the festival "Slavic Bazaar" one day is traditionally called the Day of Belarus. And yesterday it coincided with the Day of Youth, because the actual activities of the Belarusian was little. Although the national character, which is not enough "Slavonic Bazaar", would be very useful, say residents and visitors of Vitebsk.

Yesterday evening at the concert of Belarusian pop culture minister Paul Latushko the audience literally had a standing ovation after the words "Let us appreciate more, but loves her."

However, so far it's pretty much just words. The concept of "Slavonic Bazaar" was constructed in such a way that there is still the most "valued more."

Even the memorial plaque on the "Walk of Fame" dedicated Vladimir Mulyavin and the famous ensemble "Pesnyary" has an inscription in Russian. As well as the marble slab in honor of Russian artists: Andrei Petrov, Alexandra Pahmutova, Alla Pugacheva andValery Leontiev.

Vladimir Mulyavin immortalized on the Vitebsk "Walk of Fame"

"As a child taught me Mulyavin Belarusian songs in his youth — to realize that I Byelorussian at maturity — to pray for Belarus", — state media quoted another statement of Paul Latushko. Non-government expressed cautious hope that the Belarusian-language culture minister once still try to make cultural activities necessarily have a distinct national character.

Especially since he claimed. On two unscheduled performances of theater "skein" held last weekend, was a full house, says the head of the literary section of the theater, the chairman of the Vitebsk branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers Lyudmila Simanenak:

"Our performances of" The Wolf and the one, two, three "and" Bremenskiya Music "took place in the halls of the full, and came and foreign visitors, including those from Russia. And they, in particular, asked why so few Belarusian names on the streets and so on. We immediately see that the "Slavonic Bazaar" missing Belarusian activities and coloring Belarusian enough even to those who had come from Russia. After all, it seems that the "Slavic Bazaar" — a kind of off-site session secondary representatives of the Russian platform. "

The fact that the Belarusian and Belarusian-art at the festival demand, evidenced by the fact that with great success in Vitebsk hosted speech ethnic group "Trinity."

"We had to drive 80 festivals around the world — from Malaysia to Portugal, to — finally — and at home to do a concert!" — Moved by the recognized leader Ivan Kirchuk.

Reklyamavali "Trinity" in Russian for some reason.

It would seem that all the national characteristics and features together can be found in the "City of Masters" — art products at the fair. However, this event in recent years was notified so that it is not only in the festival Vitebsk, but also on any festival district scale next to pottery or razbyarskimi products Belarusian masters — and the Chinese "consumer goods", and other things that the folk of authenticity have no relationship.

And between the rows with cheap jewelry, potted flowers and a means to cleanse the body in the "City of Masters" is also distributed free newspaper union state "Federal Chamber".

Log in — just across metalashukalniki, to defend the place.

Goods in one of the stalls.

Newspaper union state in the "City of Masters" distributed free of charge.

The Belarusian language was able to hear in the most unexpected place: from merchant audio CDs Vladimir Azem. He comes to the festival Vitebsk, as he says, "from Dzerzhinsk," and did not come for the first time. About how "Slavic Bazaar" can be considered a national festival, Mr Vladimir argues as follows:

Vladimir trades Azem.

"As far as" Slavic Bazaar "- a Belarusian holiday? As much as all of our lives. Those who are interested, want to listen to the Belarusian music, folk music. Here's the "Trinity" has performed … And here we have sold everything for every taste: rock, and the Russian and Belarusian, Belarusian and Russian bards, popular music and our Russian. And people come, and they are pleased that there is also sold and Belarus, mine. "

Thus, says Vladimir, you just take advantage of the demand for belarushchyny "Slavonic Bazaar", to organize more concerts and other projects in the national spirit. After all of this at the festival so far are severely lacking.


Vitebsk Slavic Bazaar

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