Smolensk residents want to see their village tourist attraction

But they are not just waiting for investment in the restoration of local landmarks, but also they are trying to make their own town attractive to visitors.

In the village of Tar Orsha district had a chance to get together with the poet Lera Catfish, who was looking for a place to organize next year's traditional art open-air "Finding Atlyantydy":

"The purpose of these plein air — is to attract attention to those parts of our country, who have a rich history, but which are in a state of neglect. Tar in this sense — a unique place. And it was very nice to the locals to understand this unique Smolensk. Understand that the historical monuments that have been partially preserved, demand recovery. And they are willing to participate in it themselves and fight for it. "

Lera Catfish about smalyanskaga church built in 1680.

In the school there is a public Smalyanskay muzeychyk initiated by a teacher of history, local history Victor Mezhevich. Learn the history of his native land and also to retain Smalyanskim agricultural college. But the Alexander Egorov— Ordinary pensioner who scraped together a collection of historical artifacts in the vicinity of the oldest monuments of the town, the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Alexis Church and the famous castle ruins "White Kovel":

"I myself do not dig. Just prahozhusya so from time to time with the dog for a walk. There, you see? That's the glass that was different bottles … "

Alexander Egorov and his house museum.

Shards of glass and tile, wrought iron handles and locks — all this is in the right boxes on the courtyard of Alexander Yegorov. He says that he offered to make a museum in the village council and give everything back, but he refused. However, now the village council at least periodically mow the grass around the monuments. A path across the creek, it was convenient to walk up to the ruins of the "White Kovel," Mr. Egorov made together with the neighbors.

"And what happened, come and go, lifting his feet — there was such a quagmire. And when the girls so beautiful in the shoes, you guys are sinking their shoulders — and suffered. "

The famous "White Kovel."

Inside the ruined church.
Alekseevskaya church.

Tourists, says Mr. Yegorov, in Smolyan come alone. These are amateurs. By public policy development of local tourism village pensioner is skeptical believes that it is only empty words, since the restoration of the unique monuments in Smolyan state does not give a penny, just hung the sign "Protected by the government." In order unless the funeral Thomas Zahn, friend of Adam Mickiewicz, the romantic poet of the XIX century, the chairman of the society, "Filaret." But caring for him polish, not the Belarusian side.

Funeral Zana on smalyanskih cemetery.

At Alexander Yegorov is a "business plan" possible would explore and restore the local monuments at very low cost — under the guidance of historians and archaeologists, inviting the assistance of local unemployed and history buffs.

"To come and write the ad, saying, welcome to work on. I would go first. These are the fans like you and me, would help, and not so much money has much to … "

Free inhabitants of resin arrange "voluntary work" on the improvement of the village.

Valentine, the owner of the only private store in Smolyan, deliberately refused to trade in beer. Shop "Central" is located near the church building, which previously cans and plastic bottles and hrabustseli underfoot:

"It was so frustrating: bottles, jars, packages of potato chips. We all cleaned. And I can not do these faces look drunk, I'm sorry. The whole nation is dying out, it seems. They will enter here as I with this lawn chasing them. You see, I have everything neatly tucked away! "

Valentine does not sell beer.

Residents pitch promised that there will be Agrotown. But they want to see their town tourist destination, as it deserves. Perhaps next year the artists will come here. But not in order to witness the decline — to really try to draw attention to a promising tourist destination.

Private or agro tourism center?


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