Sniper complex Fortmeier Mod 2002

Sniper complex Fortmeier Mod 2002
Has long been a handgun, well, not only in it, strive for modularity. Read about this extremely positive or extremely negative way is impossible, because, no matter what the trend in the development of tools, modularity has its positive and negative sides. But to deny that when the modular design tools can achieve significant savings in the production of various of their own destiny and features samples of guns no one will. The truth of this can never be achieved, because it requires that the arms were only those standards that are grouped together, so that on the sub-machine guns, machine guns, light machine guns and semi-automatic sniper rifle in one database can not dream, though you can do it all Moreover it has long been manufactured. Yet, modularity guns has the right to life, albeit with very limited potential as, for example, discussed below sniper complex Fortmeier Mod 2002.

Immediately it should be noted that this complex is very often seen as just mnogokalibernuyu sniper rifle, but in this case it is not true. The whole point is that relatively young instrument, the first time it was shown in 2010, showing a particularly as VSWR, and what plans do multikalibernym gun for some reason missed it. In general, this is not unusual, because many manufacturers showing new weapons, claiming his multkalibernosti next, but further statements is not coming. Manufaktur Heinrich Fortmeier went through and braked on the development of the 1st reference tools, and made him really sniper complex that can use caliber ammunition from 7.62 to 12.7 mm. Try to figure out what it did for the instrument and how it is needed.

First appearance attracts the attention of gun which is quite unusual even by modern standards. Separately allocated strap attachment under the barrel and top guns that are designed as separate parts of the rifle itself, in addition serves as the bottom bracket mount and carrying handle guns on rather short distances. Longish landing on top of the rifle allows you to set a variety of sights, including the public, who are always welcome on the weapon in case your optical sight fails. Purpose bottom Picatinny rail is unclear to me, because guns are mounted bipod not on it. Rifle butt fixed, does not have the ability to adjust in length, as well as the height of the palm cheeks, which can be attributed to the negative qualities of guns.
Sniper complex Fortmeier Mod 2002
Sniper complex Fortmeier Mod 2002 regardless of its own execution singly charged. Guns became the basis of a sliding gate locking bore when turning. Reloading manual, using the handle on the right side of the gate with guns rather large knob. Svobodnovyveshenny gun barrel is fixed only in the receiver and no more concerns. In order to ensure comfortable shooting butt resettled rubber butt pad, as well as starting with cartridges .408 Chey Tac and more established muzzle brake compensator recoil. Is noteworthy that when using the least massive ammunition used a slotted flash suppressor, although ammunition .338 LM same DTC would be totally unnecessary. Trigger gun does not have the ability to adjust and has a fixed trigger pull of 1.3 kg, which also can hardly be attributed to the positive features of this tool.

In doing chambered .50 BMG weapon weighs 13.5 pounds with barrel length 915 mm and a total length of 1450 mm. In other cases, the weight and dimensions are different. It is clear now that the instrument can be adapted for use by patrons:
— .300 Win Mag why there are trunks length 815 mm;
— .308 Win with the barrel 800 mm;
— .338 Norma Magnuv with a barrel length of 700 mm;
— .338 Lapua Magnum with the barrel 815 mm;
— .375 SNYPE TAC with the barrel 700 mm;
— .408 Chey Tac with a barrel length of 750 mm;
— .416 TYR with the barrel 915 mm;
— .460Steyr with the barrel 915 mm;
— .50BMG with a barrel length of 915 mm.

Separately noted that, despite the abundance of pretty huge probable ammunition used their list will be expanded further, but only after the options will be worked out with the gun silencers devices in major calibers. Switching from one gauge to another is carried out fairly expensive method, if a substitution barrel and bolt, but substitution occurs really fast without loss in accuracy of fire and durability. The gun itself is divided into two parts. The front part is changed to one hundred percent of the remainder can only be replaced as the shutter. In general, no one bothers to change only the barrel of the weapon, but it is quite a long session with the introduction of tools and criteria in the field impracticable.

What exactly advantage of the sniper complex over other similar software say this rally so difficult, especially given the fact that to have on hand several calibers not only expensive, and hard wearing. The positive qualities include the very highest quality of production and as a consequence of the higher accuracy of the gun. Pretty impressive list of ammunition as well obviously not a negative quality, although if you take the real needs, it could do and 3 variations that would have covered one hundred percent all the needs of at least some arrow. By cons guns can be directly attributed price as the gun itself, and additional modules to change the ammunition used. Lack of ability to adjust the butt under the anatomical features of the arrow, as well as the inability to adjust the trigger just as obvious flaws. Well and to all other singly charged.

In general, this sniper complex, in my opinion, is obviously dampish and neobmyslennym because despite all their properties «target audience» does not have. Valuable instrument for military and has a huge amount more than a cheap and flexible opponents with almost the same features, if not more than the highest. For athletes lack the ability to adapt complex under the arrow. It remains only to civilian market, and here obviously complex designed for hunting, shooting veselitelnoy faster. In general gun still need to nag and nag, but this is just my outlook.
Cyril created Karasik

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