Snowden — not the first failure of U.S. intelligence. Patrimony

Snowden - not the first failure of U.S. intelligence. Patrimony
While municipal ministries and human rights activists are considering application former CIA and State Security Agency of the United States Edward Snowden’s own intention to remain in Russia, which he did at the airport «Sheremetyevo», interesting to find out that «Snoudengeyt» — not the first epic failure of the most secret U.S. spy service.

State Security Agency was created in 1952 to maintain a cool war against the USSR and the socialist camp and different from constantly flickering in Hollywood films CIA high level of secrecy in their work. Information on the activities and funding of the NSA was not provided even congressmen. In joke NSA dubbed «the Agency, which is not» («No such Agency», from the English name of the agency «NSA»). It was clear only that the Agency was responsible for communications and U.S. enemies of this country in the cool war: South American channels of communication it must be defended, and the channels of the enemy — to identify, intercept and crack.

But after the U.S. victory in the cool war activities of the Agency not only has not been minimized, but as it turned out, was vserasprostranena even former allies, not excluding the states of Western Europe. After the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the declaration of war internationalist terrorism activities NSA acquired quite global, if not a full character, which served as an excuse elusiveness favorites international terrorism. With the development of Internet communications and social networking spy is handy for billion people, and why was launched declassified Snowden project «PRISM». At the same time the number of those people who spied for the NSA got the entire U.S. population, which uses modern means of communication, which is a violation of U.S. laws also.


Yet everything said does not mean that our country was in a blissful ignorance regarding NSA intelligence activities.

First failure NSA associated with Joseph Petersen, former Army cryptanalyst who, after the second World War was the work of the Agency. Petersen got on the NSA Security Service that took copies of a few hidden documents in order to transfer them to the Dutch aid staff with whom he developed friendly relations. Management has decided to punish the careless defiantly cryptology and transferred the case to a public tribunal. October 9, 1954 on the first strip of large daily U.S. newspapers got a message about his arrest for stealing hidden documents from the NSA. But, as his lawyer said, «taking such a decision, they were trapped,» because the arrest was very well publicized in the American press. Peterson, who admitted his guilt, got 7 years jail. Since that time, the Agency’s management studiously avoided at least some publicity.

But the culprit is not indicative whipping Agency rescued from possible escape of the accused beyond the boundaries of the jurisdiction of the federal government acts the U.S. they got over to the Russian Alliance. The most famous of them were cryptanalysts NSA William Martin and Bernon Mitchell. In June 1960, Martin and Mitchell, make friends among themselves during his service in the army, decided that «it is time to bring down» and asked them to provide more than one holiday. The request was granted, but instead leave Martin and Mitchell flew to Mexico City, and then — in Havana. Of the Cuban capital they sailed on Russian trawler in Russia.

In 1960, during a 90-minute press conference at the Central House of Journalists in Moscow they told the world about U.S. intelligence efforts in the field of cryptanalysis more than it did any other known defectors. They stated that their «outraged by the United States carried out the practice of intercepting and decrypting messages hidden own their own allies,» and said that the NSA often listens communication more than 40 states. Their revelations forced many countries to change their ciphers, together with keys to them. The result was the temporary difficulties in the activities of the NSA. The Pentagon announced that Martin and Mitchell, that some of them «insane» (without specifying who exactly) that they both «clearly confused» and then referred to the recognition made them a «lie». To this day, this episode was considered the most languid failure in the history of the Agency.

Three years later in Moscow, a new defector — won the South American citizenship Syrian, Near East Division special NSA Victor Hamilton. The Agency was engaged in opening shifrsistem Hamilton Arab, but was fired after willed to renew contacts with relatives living in Syria. In retaliation, Hamilton asked for political refuge in the USSR and the July 23, 1963 told the newspaper «Izvestia» that he and his colleagues were engaged in opening military and diplomatic ciphers and codes of different states, were also listening communication channels UN.

On the same day, July 23, 1963, under mysterious circumstances, suffocated by carbon monoxide in his own car, died courier NSA Sergeant Jack Dunlap. Agency investigation revealed that Dunlap worked for Soviet intelligence and handed her hidden documents for a large fee at the time: 60 thousand dollars. Before his own death he had spent on buying a motor yacht, sports car brand «Jaguar», 2-‘Cadillac’ latest model, also on numerous booze on expensive resorts around the Atlantic coast of the U.S. and a blonde mistress pyshnotelymi.

The result is worth seeing that Edward Snowden also is not the first agent of the NSA, who spoke against the system in the aftermath of war cool. Another former employee of the Agency William Binnie in a couple of years opposed the NSA in the U.S. courts and the press, warning about the illegal collection of information on U.S. citizens. But Binnie, unlike Snowden, with all this did not publish the hidden documents confirming the global scale of the NSA spying. History indicates that Binnie and failed to do so while at home. Way South American dissident, as half a century back, irreversibly passes through Moscow.

This article shall be books: David Kahn «Burglars codes»; Pyhalov IV «U.S. intelligence.»

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