Snowfall is expected in St. Petersburg in the middle of the week

Weak cold and snow will begin in St. Petersburg at the end of November, according to RIA Novosti chief forecaster urban meteorologist Alexander Kolesov.

"Colder will be during the week. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon still remain zero temperature, on Wednesday afternoon the temperature will not rise above 1.3 degrees below zero, and on Thursday is expected to 3-5 degrees below zero," — said the source.

According to him, by the middle of the week farther south of St. Petersburg — in Pskov and Novgorod regions — will be a cyclone, which will bring to the city on the Neva strong wind east, and snow. On Wednesday afternoon the wind is expected to 12.7 meters per second, and in the next two days, its speed will increase to 15-20 meters per second.

Heavy snowfall is expected in St. Petersburg Thursday afternoon, he will continue on Friday. According to the forecasts on Thursday could fall about 10 inches of snow, said meteorologist.

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