Song of the Year (2013) Full Movie

Song of the Year (2013) Full Movie
Our home on the TV main concert of the country! Involves all the stars!
Every time in the first days of the new year we are pleased to hear the call sign of the beloved applets: Through the years, through the distance, in at least some way, in at least some of the song do not say goodbye doskorogo, Song does not say goodbye to you …
And this year — no exception. On stage the Olympic reconvene the best performers who remind you of the most brightest and happiest minute time of the year.
Concert Song of the Year Moscow — a typical debriefing. Each outgoing year — A separate musical season, in what was their debuts and its failures, ups and downs. At the end of each season, the musical star jury selects the best formulation. So Song in Moscow gathers together has long been recognized artists and those who just debuted on the stage. They perform their hits, which benefited more popular in the past year. Viewing this show on TV Our homeland — one of our Christmas traditions. For many of us, this festival is associated with the coming of the new year.

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