Space will reveal the mystery Rain Man




The famous "Rain Man," which became the prototype of the hero of the acclaimed film, sent to a kind of space travel. Scientists hope that this will help them figure out why every year it is getting smarter and smarter. In fact, 53-year-old Kim's Pick, who can not dress themselves and find a knife at home, in orbit, of course, no one will send. However, researchers at NASA believe that the technology with which we study the effect on human space travel, will help explain the startling intelligence Peak. A group of scientists in Salt Lake City intends to use a number of studies, including computed tomography and magnetic resonance mapping (MRI). According to their results will be a three-dimensional picture of the structure is conscious brain Peak.

Furthermore, they intend to compare the data obtained with a series of studies using MRI, performed several years ago psychiatrist Pick Dr. Dan Christensen University of Utah. This will let you know how since changed his mind. Sam "Rain Man" has already agreed to conduct experiments that could unlock the secrets of his mental activity.

The peak is called "mega-scientist" because he has supernatural powers at once in 15 fields, including history, literature, mathematics, sports, music. Moreover, all observations indicate that every year it becomes more and more intelligent. Among other things, he has a phenomenal memory — remember the contents of more than 9 million books. Peak spends his days in the public library Salt Lake City on the books, memorizing even data of telephone directories.

When Rush was born, doctors discovered he had a blister on the right side of the skull. More recent studies have shown that the hemisphere of his brain is not divided, as usual, and form a single, large area of "storage." According to his father, this physiological feature is the reason for his phenomenal abilities.

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