STAGE hypersonic. TU-22M — X-22 — LEA — HEXFLY

STAGE hypersonic. TU-22M - X-22 - LEA - HEXFLY
According disk imaging control ministerctva China National Defence Science and Technology, the European Space Agency (ESA) is developing a technological demonstrator hypersonic experimental aircraft Hexfly at up to 8M, reported Chinese source April 3.
The program was initiated in Hexfly last October for «accelerated creation of hypersonic technology.» Applets can become partners Our homeland, Japan and Australia.
The aim is the integration of different programs from leading technologies such as Lapsat (hypersonic motor development of long duration work) and Atlas (development of heat-resistant materials glider). According to the plans of ESA, such apparatus should reach speeds of up 5M, 8M later reach speeds. Length of hull coming hypersonic aircraft viewed from 1.5 m to 4.5 m «Although the sheer size allows the unit to arrange more funds technical monitoring and recording, the device of small dimensions will have the least technological complexity, weight and price. Because some compromise is needed, «according to a press release by ESA.
To accelerate the implementation of programs from Hexfly planned preparatory tests hypersonic French LEA unit with ground or air start. If it is decided to use air-start, the unit is scheduled to run using a specially modified Russian supersonic anti-ship missile H-22/D2 «Rainbow» and its carrier supersonic bomber Tu-22M3 (Backfire). Tests are planned in 2014.
It should also solve the problem of testing ground. ESA stated that the unit tests must be carried out in Europe or Russia. In the case of air-launch hypersonic aircraft will have to rent ground in Russia, because in Europe there is no test base with the desired length.

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