Stanislav Husak: The idea of gas flows — to make our country dependent


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine insists on not appropriate pipeline "South Stream", which should be to the under the Black Sea bypassing Ukrainian territory, "Ukraine believes that the" South Stream "is not necessary. It is extremely expensive and does not take any extra cost, as is not based on additional sources of gas, "- said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko.

According to Grishchenko, gas transportation system of Ukraine can fully ensure a reliable supply of gas to Europe. And therefore "there is no the need to spend extra money when they do not have enough for anybody. "

The situation is commented economist and expert on energy issues Stanislav Husak:

Stanislav Husak

"Of course, it is true. But the main point of construction and the "Nord Stream" and "South Stream" on the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea to the fact that all of this does not decide to do some economic institutions. It decided to make Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and that Putin's geopolitical efforts to become a policeman in Eastern Europe. Here's the thing. That is to make the state more dependent — both Belarus and Poland, and Ukraine — on Russian energy. That is the basis on which these are based and gas pipelines. There are no economic grounds for the construction of gas pipelines do not. And there is one thing to do politically and economically dependent on Russian energy, and Ukraine, and Belarus. And if they become dependent both politically and economically, and in every way except that These countries just before the collapse of the empire, that's all. "

Transported through the territory of Ukraine 80% of Russian gas to Europe.


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