States sent to the Indian Ocean nuclear submarine with cruise missiles

Duty in the northern part of the Indian Ocean at the moment is nuclear submarine boat U.S. Navy "Georgia." SSGN 154 armed cruise missiles.

As reported by the South American media, not so long ago, the British Peninsula Diego Garcia, is hosting the U.S. military base, finished boat repair. Was replaced and its crew is sailing with August 2011 (information "Interfax).

The transfer of troops to the Persian Gulf the United States began as early as the end of January. As reported by the Israeli press, the South American troops arrive at the U.S. air base on the island. Masirah. In the Israeli media have published and that the goal of redeploying troops — an attack on Iran. It can occur in June.

Recently the Information Service of the U.S. Navy said that the missile cruiser "Cape St. George" and the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" left the base in Bahrain after a 4-day stay there and went to patrol the Persian bay. Last week, state located in Qatar, based on the Al-Ubaid, a squadron of strategic bombers B-1B.

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