Statistics in Russia is better not to read …

These are depressing statistics in Russia and impressive, sometimes you can read it like a detective, here are a few interesting statistics, suggestive of sad reflection.

In Russia, the only officially registered

— disabilities — more than 12,000,000
— Alcoholics — over 4,580,000
— addicts — over 2,870,000
— Mental Illness — 978,000
— TB patients — about 890,000
— Hypertension — over 22,400,000 people
— HIV positive — at least 2,380,000 people.

Russia is the second largest in the world in the spread of counterfeit medicines.

82% of medicines, implemented through public pharmacies falsified or do not match the expiration date. Usually, in tablets nedokladyvayut active substance or to use a "dummy" of the Cretaceous. Russia annually realized by € 300 million of counterfeit medicines.
75% of drugs in Russia — foreign production.

Only 2% of domestic pharma companies meet international standards,
only 10% of them can use domestic raw materials. The cost of drugs in Russia is 3-4 times higher than international reference prices for similar products.

Roszdravnadzor began work on amendments to the law "On medicines" that permit clinical drug trials in children. According to current law, Russia has not allowed the clinical research on the effects of medical drugs to minors.

Real the level of corruption in Russia exceeds the effect of economic development. And better not be, since In 2006 alone, the legislature increased by 2%, 3.8% judicial and executive establishment increased by 20.4%. Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control for the year grew to 176 times from 116 to 20,469 people. The number of employees increased by the RF Prosecutor 2,000 people. "Rosstat" grew by 1.4% — at the end of the year it employed 23,796 people.

In 2009, damage from economic crimes for the first time exceeded one trillion rubles, calculated in Investigative Committee of the Interior Ministry. This is nearly 7.5 times more than the year before. Total value of seized assets, together with the inventory of items (related
to crimes) exceeded 89 billion rubles. Most criminals are fiscal terms and the consumer market.
According to Department of the Russian Interior Ministry's own safety, for I quarter
2009 police officers were committed 18,000 offenses —
it is 18% more than the same period in 2008. About 35%
crimes committed by police officers — ordinary, first
turn, robbery and murder.

In 2008, the Interior Ministry was charged almost 35,000 claims amounting to more than 20 billion rubles. Of these, 19,000 granted almost $ 1 billion rubles. On average, for the murder of relatives receive 100-300.000 rub, torture and mutilation victims compensated sum of $ 10-150.000
rub. In 2009, the number of police officers prosecuted, has more than doubled. In 2009 were brought to justice more than three thousand inspectors DPS. And 435 of them — to the criminal.

In Russia, every day go missing over 300 people. In 2008, 50,000 missing persons. Of the 120,000 people who went last year, the majority, almost 59,000 men, 38,000 — women, 23,000 — minors and small children. MIA the last few years trying to
classify this information. The number of such crimes is 3 times the similar statistics in the U.S. and 19-20 times the EU.
In 2009, of the 238 full-time military polygons eliminated 131 training center of various kinds and types of troops. In this case, the number of personnel surviving sites and training centers decreased napolovinu.Plan military reform Russian Air Force is to reduce a
combat pilots about a third, from 245 military airfields will be 27. In Chelyabinsk VVAUSH in 2009 were recruited for the first year only 29 people.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has excluded from the list of strategic nine Russian companies, including developer (Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering) and the manufacturer (Votkinsk plant) missile complexes "Topol" and "Mace". The decree aims to reduce the number of strategic enterprises fivefold.
One set of new Army forms from Yudashkin costs the Ministry of Defence of 50,000 rubles. Overcoat of this set is worth 12,000 rubles, and in a normal shaped tie Russian taxpayer puts only 600 rubles.

Division NATO superior combat effectiveness Russia more than 3 times.

Management and maintenance of the building of the General Staff DoD manages the firm "encore". Cleaning costs are 18,000,000 rubles / month, an increase over the last three years by 14 times.

Combat capabilities of the Russian Navy in 2002, conceded to foreign fleets:
the Baltic Sea — the Swedish fleet in 2 times, Finnish — 2 times, the German — 4 times, on the Black Sea — Turkey 3 times, the U.S. Navy — 20 times, the fleet of England — 7 times, the French Navy — 6 times , Japan — 3 times. By 2015, the Russian Navy will remain no more than 60 submarines and ships 1 and 2 rank (15 for the Navy), and nearly all — of obsolete models. By this time, the U.S. Navy to be increased to 300 ships of the same class. Over the past 10 years, the Navy Russia decreased by 60%.

Transport Minister Igor Levitin, supported the initiative of the St. Petersburg officials in re-berth "Baltic Shipyard", leading naval enterprise of the North-West Russia for cruise ships and yachts. The factory (64 hectares on Vasilievsky Island) will take an elite business district.

Russia failed China to execute the order of 38 transport aircraft IL-76 refueling aircraft IL-78. In the same year, Russia, Algeria returned 10 bought her MiG-29 because of their poor quality. New Russian nanoaviatehnology, Su-35, just a modification of the model of the Su-27, which is already more than 20 years, and compare it with the last U.S. fighter F-22 Raptor, at least, is incorrect.

Ten MiG-29 will be transferred to the Lebanese Air Force compensation, the director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriev. Before sending the aircraft will be refurbished and upgraded to the level of export. The price of one "blink" in the export the $ 30-35 million from the 1800 combat aircraft of Soviet era, were in service with the Russian Air Force, 1,200 aircraft can not fly, and in need of major repairs.

Many of the Russian Air Force pilots flying nedotyagivaet even to the minimum standards: an average of 50 hours per year (8.5 minutes per day), instead of 120 (20 minutes per day). Crashed in Lithuania in September 2005, the Su-27 Major Trojans had 14 annual flight hours, he strayed off course due to lack of flight experience.
In aviation, soon there will be no pilot-sniper, almost no pilot class 1. After 10 years, leaving only the pilots third class at the age of 37-40 years. Two years ago, cadet flying school
from the state budget for a day on all-about-all be 50 rubles. Service dogs MIA — 130 rubles.

Russian Ministry of Defense spent on the development and testing of unmanned aircraft 5 billion rubles, without achieving any results. President of the Corporation "Irkut": — Appreciation of the Su-30MKI, heard from the mouth of the Indian President, means a lot to us ….
President of India is 75-year-old grandmother Pratibha Patil.

Leaders of some defense companies sometimes reject defense order because the "rollback" of leaves of the plant, even in production costs. Perhaps that is why the period from 1994 to 2009, the army has received a total of 114 new tanks T-90, 20 new Su-27, 6 modernized

Su-25, Su-34 2, 3 Tu-160 (1 and 2 of the new modernized) and 2 Ka-50 helicopter. Each satellite "Glonass" about a third of their imported components. Control Station "Glonass" in the suburban queen with five of visible satellites could not determine its own location.

But, back to the people. Russia put an end to demographics.
A detailed analysis of the demographic situation and to understand the causes of fertility decline is not possible: from 1997 to the present day has not been restored collection of the most basic statistics. The census of 2002 was purely formal and does not reflect the real situation, as well as the current 2010. In Russia, eight million abortions a year, half per cent of them — in the later stages.
90.000 — a city of children killed for money.
Former Minister of Regional Development of Russia Vladimir Yakovlev believes that migration and demographic situation in the country in terms of sharpness came to the fore. "In the country soon there will be nobody to work. Up to 60% of the Russians — is the elderly, children and the disabled. Of the 20 million working-age men about 1 million serving sentences for various crimes, 4 million are in the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and the FSB. Another 4 million — chronic alcoholics, and 1 million — addicts "- said Yakovlev. The minister added that the male mortality in Russia is 4 times higher than female. "Now the loss of healthy men with similar losses of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War", — said Yakovlev.

Nearly 2 million children under the age of 14 years, beaten by parents, that for many, ends in death. 50,000 children run away from home to escape domestic violence, and 7,000 victims of sexual crimes. And again, officially registered in Russia More than 2 million orphans. Only in St. Petersburg each year, about 3,000 new orphans.

The number of sexual offenses against minors has increased 25.6 times. In 2003, there were 129 such incidents recorded in 2007 — more than 3,000. In 2007
, the country lost 2,500 minors, against 70.500 teenagers committed violent crimes. The Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation said that in 2007, against children was committed 161,000 crimes 2,500 children died.

The number of prisoners 100 thousand people Russia ranks second in the world (605) after the United States (710). Followed by Kazakhstan (598), and Belarus (505).

According to the Health Ministry, every year, 180,000 people in Russia
die "for reasons related to the impact of harmful and hazardous working environments," more 200,000 people are injured at work, recorded 10,000 cases of occupational diseases, more than 14,000 people are disabled. Losses from poor working conditions each year is 4% of GDP.

According to the Railways, in Russia in 2009 on the railways in the area of the train was injured 4.447, of which 2.953 people died.

Every moment in Russia dies 5 people and born only three ie, more deaths than births on average 1.7 times, and in some regions of 2-3.

Now 100 women of reproductive age were 124 children, while for simple numerical compensation generations to 215 children.

In Russia 30% of children are born out of wedlock. Ten years ago, was born out of wedlock children 14.6%, but by 2003, that number had doubled. The funny thing: in Russia married women by 65 thousand more than married men. According to opinion polls, 60% of Russians do not have children and do not plan to acquire them.

Russia annually loses on a population roughly equal to the entire region of Pskov, Republic of Karelia type or a large city, such as Krasnodar. Over the last 10 years by 40% decline in population in the Far East and 60% in the Far North. In Siberia, the last few years has disappeared 11,000 villages and 290 towns. Only mortality from cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the circulatory system than 1,400,000 people. Eezhegodno due to tobacco use in Russia kills 270,000. Smoked for almost 70% of men and 30% women. In Russia, 26,000 children die before the 10 years, 50 babies die every day, 70% of them in hospitals.

Substations "Emergency" Ulyanovsk on the brink of disaster: the machine is put into the loan, 70% of cars are worn out. In Omsk, due to late arrival of teams killed 50-60 patients per month, and in the Vladimir region callers openly: "We people older than 70 years did not go out".

Ministry of Health plans to dissolve for outpatient treatment, ie home 750,000 'Socially benign' the mentally ill. Police preparing for the addition operation. In Russia, the cost of health care in 2008 was 15,000 rubles / person per year, whereas in the UK for health was allocated $ 3 thousand, in France and Germany — $ 3.6 thousand in Norway — $ 4.8 thousand

The State Duma has to cancel some articles of the Criminal Code providing for liability of doctors for negligence. Each year from medical errors in Russia kills 50,000 people, the public organization "League for the patients." At the same time prove to the court a medical error is almost impossible. In Russia, salaries of doctors, middle and junior staff — the lowest in the world, the proportion of erroneous and false diagnoses — the highest in the world.

One in five metropolitan private medical center puts their patients with false diagnoses, in order to then assign unnecessary, but expensive treatment. On average, physicians are paid about 10% of the amount that the patient left the clinic.
Analysts Massachusetts crisis center to monitor Russian territory population of less than 50 million people can not physically, because Calculated The population density, in this case, be less than 2.9 man per square kilometer. In comparison, the U.S. population density is 26.97 people. per square meter. km.
Given all of the above, it is easy to assume that Russia might be in this situation after 3-5 years.

According to the forecast known political experts Zbigniew Brzezinski, Russia, as a state, will cease to exist by 2012. Will cause the wear of industrial equipment, energy and housing and communal services, mass unemployment and the fall in prices
oil and consequently failure of the budget. Likely to break up Russia 6-8 states. The new states will be a zone of instability and will be divided into spheres of influence world leaders. About
This is stated in the report of the leading think tanks, available on the CIA website.

The Government has approved the forecast of socio-economic development for 2009-2011. For the population of Russia, the increase in prices should be:
Natural gas — in 2009 — 25%, in 2010 30%, in 2011 — 40%;
electricity prices for households — each year will grow by 25%;
thermal energy is more expensive — in 2009 to 18.5% in 2010 to 18% in 2011 to 20%;
growth w / d tariffs for passenger transportation in 2009 to 13% in 2010 12%, in 2011 14%.
Russia's budget revenues in 11 months of 2009 decreased by 25.7%.
Budgets security forces in 2010 to grow:
MIA — 25 billion rubles, FSB — 18 billion rubles, FSO — 11 billion.

One of the Kremlin strategists once let slip that "the decision taken by the country" and decided, apparently, long time. This is probably why Russian politicians so easily promise to the voters anything, but only after 10 years. After all, if the present rate of production, operated profitable oil, uranium, copper, gold, runs out in 2015, the gas in 20-25 years, maximum. Remain, mostly wood. That is, only those who saw it will be …

Statistics — shocking and speaks of "the prospects for our development" in the coming years. You read a "detective" and you think, can it be true, but that he brought not the enemy gave, as the saying goes (on the Internet on different resources). Judging by the way even if prices rise, and the case in manufacturing, agriculture and science, it is all true. The only thing that is growing uncontrollably — This cemetery was recently on one, which struck the area is occupied by a giant compared to my last visit to this place. But all our people, thousands, millions of Russian already there.

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