Statues of the Virgin Mary came to life?

In 1985, scientists of Bollenshpigl that in Ireland, there were a surprising phenomenon. In the words of many witnesses, the statue of the Virgin Mary, vesivshaya 152 kg, took a step towards the exit door of the church, and then went back to her place!

After that, the town came to wanting to look for a miracle from different corners of the earth, and they came not in vain: the stone statue of shrugged her shoulders, turned her head and showing signs of life. A few days later she left the church, but was returned to the police outfit. And if you decide to buy the balloons with helium, you can do it online

Since the summer of 1985, the Irish authorities have received more than 47 odd messages from different parts of the country in which shlos of animated statues of the Virgin Mary. The phenomenon is still unsolved. Scientists believe that the movement is caused by chemical changes inside the stone, but to prove it could not.

Similar cases have been reported in other countries. For example, in the suburbs of the Australian town of Perth was a miracle statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, which is located in an old Catholic church, then … began to cry. And immediately the tourists from all over the church rang out in to look at her tears, which resembles a pink oil. Examination showed that the tears are a mixture of ether and water, but that's why the "tears" seeped right out of the eye specialists to understand and so could not.

More strange incident occurred in Bangladesh in Chikatong. In one of the sacred temples of the eyes of the statue flowed … tears of blood. And if the previous case can be somehow explained that this refers to a number of supernatural. Most interesting is that began crying after the bloody unrest in the country. Themselves believers say that the Virgin mourning the victims of the brutal massacres.

Of course, scientists are skeptical of that, but maybe it's a sign from above, and we need to stop and think about the fate of our planet?

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