Stephen Fry in America 4 — 6 Series Watch Online

Stephen Fry in America 4 - 6 Series Watch Online

Just a funny adventure Briton in a new Light! In 2007-2008 Stephen Fry — "national wealth the British Empire" — in the months running around the United States on its own accident black taxi cab. Not so much for the famous sights as aby where — in search of people and places litsezrev that the British would get the idea of the modern, not the respective outdated stereotypes America.

04. Mountains and Plains / Mountains and Plains
Now journey Steve begins with a tour of the Canadian border in the mountains of Montana in conjunction with an air patrol.

05. True West / True West
Stephen continues its huge South American journey, meeting people of South Western states in the country.

06. Pacific / Pacific
The last private trip Stephen meets with activists who recognize the existence of Bigfoot and the real personal detective Magnum, and these meetings completed a huge South American tour of "national patrimony the British Empire."


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