Storm Stryker platform

Stryker MGS — an assault platform for direct fire, armed with 105 mm gun on a low-profile, one hundred percent stable, established for the shooting on the fly tower, built on the chassis of armored Stryker. Ammunition of the main gun is 18 rounds of NATO standard caliber 105 mm, 400 rounds of 12.7 mm and 3,400 rounds of 7.62-mm. She can hit the enemy machines, equipment, and fortified positions, bunkers and destroy the wall.

Machines MGS LRIP different tests will be evaluated by the user in for the fourth quarter 2007. The decision by the beginning of Step With full production version of MGS is also planned for the fourth quarter 2007.

Stryker is a family of combat vehicles to drive on eight wheels of speeds up to 62 miles / hour on the highway with the supplies travel 312 miles. On it the most modern equipment C4ISR, and sensors of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons. In addition to the MGS, Stryker is available in configurations of machines for the nuclear, bacteriological and chemical reconnaissance, anti-tank guided missiles and medical evacuation vehicles; transport mortar, engineering departments, commanding groups and fire support. Mobile Artillery System has more than 70 percent of the components in common with the 310 other cars Stryker, such as Team Battle Group to facilitate the preparation of units and reducing the burden of logistics.

Being much lighter and easier to transport than existing tanks and armored vehicles, Stryker meet the immediate needs of equipment strategically deployable (S-17/S-5) and quickly deployable (C-130) brigade capable of Hassle-free to transfer to any destination in the world in total battle readiness. Brigade Combat Group Stryker participated in a "historically important" missions in Iraq since October 2003, showing the advantages of force that can be transferred rapidly as a cohesive and unified in a network battle group mixed branches.

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