Storming the Terrible, 1999

In 1999, Our homeland began its second Chechen campaign. As in the end of 1994, Russian troops had to attack the capital of the Republic city Severe. This storm was not a cakewalk for our army. Battle for Harsh has become one of the central episodes of the second Chechen war. As a result, the operation, which lasted from December 26, 1999 to February 6, 2000, the capital of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria ran across one hundred percent control of the federal troops.

In contrast to the events of late 1994, when the initially planned to take harsh, this time in the military until recently questioned the need for the assault. Perceptions of the need to adhere to the storming of the chief of the General Staff, General of the Army Anatoly Kvashnin and commander of the joint group of forces Viktor Kazantsev. In their opinion, clearing the plains of Chechnya, on reaching the mountains, the troops left behind him a kind of fortified area, which was full of well-armed and equipped guerrillas, perfectly cooked, headed by the more odious Chechen commanders. Their destruction in the town is a difficult task, but to do this would be for the coming of success all the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.

Also generals shrugged off such nuance as the application of the militants in their own propaganda claims of inaccessibility of the town Severe, capital of Ichkeria never be taken Russian — propaganda claimed militants. Left in the hands of militants such trump Russian commanders did not want. The generals were well aware of how bad it can affect the Army and public opinion inside the country.

We were at the storming of Grozny and opponents. One of them was Colonel-General Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, which while in command of internal troops of the Interior Ministry. He believed that the conduct assault Severe at the end of 1999 is not probable, and also the general reasons were quite convincing. According to Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov of explosives involved in counter-terrorism operations, very exhausted continuous fighting, "soft" and "hard" mop-up operations in parts there is a great shortage of personnel (killed, wounded, unhealthy), formed after the fighting in Dagestan and the campaign on the plains of Chechnya. Most of the fighter are completed on time and their service should be dismissed in the stores and have come to replace them fighters simply will not possess the experience that has managed to get "old".

Always preceded the storm, the city was subjected to raids by Russian aviation and rocket-artillery strikes.

So, on October 25 Russian attack planes raided the southern part of the town, reported the winding up anti-aircraft and 2-car militants.

October 30, ended up hitting Russian aviation in the town was destroyed fuel storage and electrical appliances shop in which, according to preliminary disk imaging, went artisanal Lock and grenade launchers.

October 31 Russian aircraft bombed the northern Crucible, the city was dropped 10 bombs campaign AgitAB-500-300.

November 5 managed to kill the Russian storming the headquarters of the Chechen commander Ruslan Gelayev, simultaneously destroyed four mini-refinery plant.

November 6 by the accumulation of fighters in the harsh blow was struck operational-tactical missile complex "Tochka-U".

November 8, 1999 by militant positions, taking cover in the harsh, starts Russian artillery.

In the middle of December the Russian army occupied Hankala — Eastern Suburbs Crucible, which was widely known to the public more on the previous campaign. Russian troops from Khankala disclosed a smooth road through the streets of October district to the area of Min, and of the first residential areas of the Chechen capital were separated from Khankala just adjacent suburban areas. In fact, the whole of December Russian army units produced capture strategic heights of principle and Fri around the Crucible for the complete block. In the main army used the strategy of reconnaissance in force, trying to determine how many units of defense and the enemy firing points specifically in the town.

December 26, 1999 launched "Operation Search and liquidation" in the harsh gangs. Excellent remembering the lessons of the past storm, the city did not have to throw a large force of armored vehicles. The main attack had to apply internal forces assault teams (ET), a unit of riot police and SWAT with de minimis support for the Chechen militia B. Gantemirova — a total of about 5,500 people. Go with it about 15 000 people from the army group made blocking on the perimeter of the town. Unfortunately, already the first battles showed that the Russian command seriously miscalculated, about any search and elimination is not out of the question, city had, like 5 years ago, specifically to attack, freeing house by house, street by street, block by block, etc. Assault, which lasted a little more than a week, January 2 completely drowned.

The militants, meanwhile, were not going to sit warehouse hands and responded to the actions of the federal forces near a counterattack. Thus, the force field commander Arbi Barayev performed a breakthrough in the direction of Severe village of Alkhan-Kala and the coming to his farm Krasnopartizansky, beating along the way one of the army rear pillars. To eliminate the breakout command urgently had to jibe here 21 th "Sofra" BB team of Staropromyslovskiy District severe. Quite rapidly stripping Krasnopartizanskaya in Alkhan-Kala "sofrintsy" stumbled upon a strong resistance and had the brakes, in addition to their promotion interfered with heavy fog. The next day when the team went to the assault village, it was found that most of the fighters left the village, crossed the river flowing around it. An attempt to prosecute resulted in nothing. Later aerial reconnaissance found near the village militias Fri SEMASHKO, but sent in pursuit squad did not manage to overtake the rebels until the coming of the night. In the end, Basayev was able to return to the stern, passing along the way in the rear of the federal forces (Zakan-Yurt village, Lermontov-Yurt, Shaami-Yurt) and "requisitioned" from the population on the military terrain vehicles overstated, "jeeps", "cornfield" "KAMAZ".

Faced with a strong organized resistance fighters, Russian command for 2-weeks from January 2, held a large amount of analytical work. The findings gained in the process of fighting, a full analysis of the first unsuccessful attempts to drive wedges into the enemy's defenses were the basis for the development of new tactics in the storming of the town, the capture and retention of the released blocks, destroy the militants. He was elected to a number of units that have been cut off areas cleared of insurgents by putting reinforced platoon and company support Fri and roadblocks. The increased attention paid to the creation of small, mobile units that can pierce the defense fighters.

As soon as possible assault troops managed to form, the composition is most responsible task battlefield in the criteria of the town. The structure of these units cut in assault groups, whose main task was to promote not only the streets, and the courtyards, gardens and buildings around a large center of defense. Of fundamental importance in the strategy itself has been given to breaches in fences, walls, fencing off and suspended ceiling. The composition of the assault groups included units of exploration, blasting, and mine, which were equipped with cumulative, elongated and concentrated standard charges. All military members of these
groups have identification armbands.

Acts of the advancing troops at all steps of the assault was to support the artillery, creating around the assault team edging fire. Military equipment was put forward for the position of "irregular", moving from shelter to shelter. The upper floors of the buildings were to be treated with fire tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, lower-propelled guns were fired units including flamethrowers and grenade launchers. Each platoon was coded scheme Crucible, communication was provided to the squad inclusive.

The second step of the operation to seize the Terrible began the day January 17, 2000. Again assault troops met fierce resistance fighters. Promotion of the assault teams obviously did not suit the higher command. But he had the specific assumptions: first — lack effective fire support, and the second, more compelling — the desire to avoid the storm troopers commanders unnecessary casualties.

The fighting in the town were very violent temper, the proof of this is the death in the battle for the cannery Major General Malofeeva Misha, who died there on January 17. In general, the fighting in the cases of canning and dairy plants have become one of the major episodes of the assault in the area were destroyed and 200 fighters. Having mastered the plants by January 19, Russian troops opened his way to the center of town. January 23 at the 15th military city were destroyed the main forces regiment of special purpose "dogs" in another day or three in Chernorechie during the air strikes had killed about 50 militants from the group Akhmed Zakayev. The defenders suffered irreparable loss, they did not have enough ammunition, food, medicine, the strength of their dwindling. By the end of January in the battle for the final break came the stern. On January 26 the final federal command absolutely understood that a breakthrough militants from Severe inevitable.

According to the available disk imaging, the militants were planning to use for out of the environment by which the city back-Arbi Barayev, choosing to leave the direction of the factory district — Alkhan-Kala — Gojty. The militants had pinned hopes on the shortest way to get to the mountains to the cooked "maturation", caches of food and medical supplies, ammunition depots. Russian command understood the intention militants and has had time to prepare for the meeting. The plot intended withdrawal was mined. Prior to the passage of the main forces of militant break through the place were small units separatists that Russian troops easily missed. Quite believe that the channel is clear, went on break the main force of terrorists. Exclusively in this time minefields have been brought into action, and fighters have met heavy fire. As a result, the militants have lost about 1,500 men killed, wounded or taken prisoner, died a number of field commanders Shamil Basayev lost his leg to a mine. And yet part of the militants managed to escape from the town, on the fact of the debate does not abate until the present time, but that's a topic for another article. The active phase of a storm and then came to an end, to 6 February 2000 federal troops one hundred percent occupied the city.

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