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How to protect yourself from the fact that it did not cause irreparable harm to you? By creating a mirror, and people had no idea that came up with one of the most mysterious things in the world. As time began to come to understand that it may not only reflect our image and helps to let the sunbeams …

Where not only used a mirror: in dark rituals of white and black magic, in healing. Esoteric teachings claim that there is a mirror-killers, mirrors that enclose the souls of men, and some are unexpectedly arouse passion in you … And because only half of the aura mirrors (and it has not only living beings, but all things) belong to our world, while the second — the world otherworldly. That is why the "magic glass" has unusual properties that it is very reluctant to open to us. For many centuries, people that use the mirrors in their everyday life, managed to uncover a few of them. On the most important and will be discussed. But before I tell you about them, you need to make an important point. The mystics and psychics believe that we see in the mirror is not reflected, as is commonly believed, and the mirror double — our copy that lives in the hereafter. Referring to it, acting on it, you can use this mysterious creature affect his (and others') appearance, the events of our lives.

What are the basic rules to be followed when dealing with a "magic glass" in order not to make trouble? Establish and maintain good relations with double mirror will allow a simple rule — never speak badly about his image. Looking at myself in the mirror, train always think and talk about it but good. Otherwise, the bad ("I — the old," "I — ugly," "I look quite ill," etc.) can affect you in real life, not only in thought. This is especially true for women, conducting the mirror a lot more time than men. If you constantly gasp and wail in front of the mirror: "Oh, how I look bad", by the same token he will ask the program to the corresponding negative adjustment of your appearance and health. Each time, going out of the house, look at oneself in the mirror become, out loud or mentally ask your mirror double guard house during your absence. This is necessary to ensure that, while you are gone, it has not penetrated the impact, effects and nature of the afterlife. Simply put, this simple method you would like to close the mirror lock. If for some reason you came back, and then left again on business, you need to look in the mirror again and ask to restore the double protection. After his appearance you violated it. Double mirror not only protects your apartment from unwanted invisible aliens, it also accumulates the power of your home. Look in the mirror before leaving for some important, responsible action, wish yourself good luck, and it will give you the amount of energy necessary for the successful completion of your affairs. The mirror reflects not only ourselves, but our guests — those who are invited and uninvited, kindly and unkindly minded. All these people can keep in your mirror with his double a given program. However, they only can brush up in front of him, without any intent to think or to say in a whisper something before you start the conversation with you or leaving displeased, finally throw some angry words. But they can, and intentionally, charge the mirror, if aware of its unusual properties. Well, if this program will be positive with respect to you if you are sure that guests you is "legacy". Wishing good you and your home can not hurt, rather, will bring significant benefits. But sometimes quite ordinary words like: "Something you do not look well today," or, "You poor thing, probably, is unhappy with her husband" are able to harm you. And even more damage deliberately inflict evil rants or mental monologues submitted by you before you leave.

To prevent a negative impact on the program to start you all the mirrors in the house should be cleaned with water and a few times a year — with holy water. In addition, you can spend and ritual burning. Take a candle, light it and enclosed by the edge of the mirror first, as if outlining his fiery rectangle. Then, as if the flame brush, drive a candle in front of it from end to end, gradually descending down. If the candle starts to crack, repeat this procedure as long as the crackling stops. As already mentioned, much worse, if your foe deliberately leave you in the mirror of the negative impact of the program. It can be real time-bomb, as be programmed through its mirror twin can be almost anything, from murder to madness, from adultery to an accidental fire. One consolation — it is not easy to do in front of someone else's mirror, because the villain takes time … to concentrate and say the necessary words. But envy and malice creative: it can give you a mirror already stored therein program. Especially if it's not a small mirror in the powder box, and a large, in which you will be recognized in full growth.

But, as stated in the centuries of such a program is easy enough to get rid of, if you know that this can be executed on all mirrors. A gift should be washed with holy water or spring. This, if not destroy the negative program, in any case, it neutralizes the effect on you and your home. Everyone is familiar with the custom of the mirrors with a cloth in the house when someone dies. About the history and meaning of this tradition can be heard different things, but only one correct explanation. Mirror, belonging to two worlds, is an unusual door connecting them. Only the soul that has left the body may confuse the road, heading through the mirror, lost in the mirror maze and stay there forever. Even unintentional capture of another's soul can greatly impair your karma and bring disaster on you like this, and in later life. Should be very careful when buying an antique mirror. Antique mirrors are somewhat similar to ancient castles — they can also conceal the depth of his ghosts and memories of a long-dead people that were reflected in them in earlier times. The worst thing is, with what you might have is to buy a mirror with enclosed therein soul of the dead person. Typically, such a mirror brings not just misfortune and a curse, and not only on one hapless buyer, but all his family. In such a case will not help neither water nor fire, nor any magic rituals. Such a mirror to break up as soon as possible to free the captive soul.

Recognize the mirror-murderer easy. And it's better to do it before the purchase, and although the seller might think if you started off a little when you start doing what we offer you. But to bring such a mirror in an apartment is much worse than a minute to stand under somebody's puzzled look. Needs to be done is this: light a candle, and if the flame is lit properly, then everything is OK. If it is fleeting, and so every time you light it again, with almost 100 percent certainty we can say you liked in the mirror someone's soul languishes. And to be sure, so it is likely or not, attach a hand mirror — a mirror-murderers usually piercing cold to the touch. Not all prisoners of antique mirrors can be so horrible. Many of them are able to provide and the positive impact. After all, life looked the people in them, and there were good moments. Yet it is not necessary to this effect was too long. Where, you ask, the boundary of the measure? Define it is not too difficult: it is only in your dreams begin to unfold pictures of old events from the lives of others, then you fall for it. At first it seems that in this "movie" there's nothing wrong — it attracts to itself, is a window into the world of departed. But beware: over time, your consciousness like a split in two, can greatly change the character. And do not try to play with fire, thinking that now know about the surprises of old mirrors and can, when necessary, to stop. Usually understand that it is time to stop a dangerous game when it's too late and you already can not live without her, like a junkie without a fix.

Thus, the mirrors, which in the past had witnessed sexual pleasures can store a potent erotic images, and they will have an effect imperceptible influence on your behavior. As a result, you can pull on these adventures that then do not be delighted. But it is likely that the mirror will give you purchased an unusual sexual experience, which you never dreamed of. Unconditional hazards are mirrors, depicting the scenes of violence and murder. Particularly strong impact they have on children, becoming the cause of nightmares and obsessive fears, distorting the psyche, the brutality of its programming. So think twice before buying an antique mirror. And if you can not live without it, try to find out about this "magic glass" everything is possible. If no information is present, check it with a spark, clean the fire and holy water. But then do not rest at once, followed by some time, do not change suddenly and inexplicably to the conduct of members of your family.

Zodiac 45.2004

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