Strange to say, the Emperors with a nearby star watch online

Strange to say, the Emperors with a nearby star watch online
December 1880. British archaeologist conducting excavations near Baghdad. In the district of Abu mound Hubba attracts the attention of archaeologists unusual building — the space in which placed 300 rooms. And here is the property of the priests and the royal apartments. Not establish that it is a cult temple of the sun god Shamash old Sumerians. But see the details of the temple is unrealistic. The Sanctuary absolutely covered with clay and sand. Then the excavation entice the local population.
Coming soon to the archaeologist gets hold of a clay tablet, which depicts an old story: the Sun God Shamash represent the king and his son. Sitting on the throne god gives permission to rule the state. Neuzh that power the old rulers of the land bestowed by someone above.
From the Sumerian culture to this day reached the document, which refer to the "List of the kings of Sumer and Akkad. "Here in chronological order are all the princes of the Ancient Babylonian kingdoms.
Conventionally, the document can be divided into 3 parts:
— The first is dedicated to the kings who ruled before the global Flood.
— The second tells of the dynasties of early rulers.
— And the third — the kings Akkad of Ancient Sumerian kingdom.
But catchy that one of the first kings appear Alulin deity, Enki Allalgar. Neuzh is the first rulers of the world were divine creation?

A strange thing — a series of programs

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