Sweden will buy two submarines of the latest generation

The Swedish Parliament has approved the purchase of the country's Navy 2-Diesel-Stirling-electric submarines of the latest generation of the project A26. The program of creation of such ships began in February 2010, and the submarine is still only on paper. The allocation of funds for the purchase of submarines will allow promising Swedish Kockums to conduct all necessary research and to begin construction of submarines.

As expected, the new submarines will be included in the Swedish Navy in the 2018-2019 year, and will change outdated class submarines Sodermanland. These diesel-electric boats used by Sweden since 1989. At the current time the Scandinavian country's submarine fleet consists of five submarines — three Gotland class and two — class Sodermanland.

According to preliminary data, in 2018 all-class submarine Gotland will take place with the implementation of the modernization project developments A26. After 2020, the decision can be made about the substitution of all submarines in the Swedish submarine ships of the project on the A26.

According to the requirements of the Swedish Navy, the latest generation of submarines being developed by the project A26, approved by the Government and the Ministry of Defense, shall be equipped with advanced sonar and monitoring tools, as they can be used for reconnaissance. Submarines will be created with the use of stealth technology.

The list of specifications contains an indispensable introduction to the Stirling engine submarines air independent, external combustion engines species. The introduction of such power plant increases the survivability of the submarine and increases its chances to leave the field after receiving severe damage and failure of the main engine. In addition, the Stirling engine is characterized virtually silent operation.

Among the shortcomings such power plant is low speed, which can reach Submarine — Gotland class submarines at the rate of 5 knots. As expected, using the "Stirling" submarine project A26 will be able to reach speeds of up to 7 knots.

In addition, according to the technical requirements of class submarines A26 should own a displacement of 1.9 thousand tons, hull length — 63 meters and width — 6.4 meters. Submarine to develop the highest speed up to 26 knots. A26 submarines will be armed with 4 torpedo tubes 533 mm and will receive one universal compartment for additional weapons. What type of additional tools it is not yet clear.

DSEPL Gotland against the background of the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. Photo from the website navy.mil

The Ministry of Defence of Sweden said that the price of one submarine will not exceed 1.5 billion kronor (194.4 million dollars) — as is now the construction of one class submarine Gotland, the most modern types of submarines in the Navy of the country. The military said that the A26 will inherit a lot of traits in Gotland. These submarines were designed first of the 1990s and admitted to the Navy in 1996.

Gotland submarine capable of speeds up to 20 knots. On a submarine fitted with four torpedo tubes 533 mm, and two — the caliber of 400 mm. It must be emphasized that the class submarines Gotland listed as one of the best in the world. For example, during exercise in the Atlantic in 2000, the Swedish Submarine Halland "sunk" Spanish diesel-electric submarine, and the French and South American nuclear submarines.

In 2006-2007, the underwater boat Gotland was commissioned in the U.S. lease for a role in the exercise. In the process of teaching submarine alternately played the role of an ally of the United States in the war with the third party and the anti-American, "attacking" on drums aircraft carrier connections, submarines, patrol ships and aircraft. The aim of the exercise was the U.S. assessment of the effectiveness of non-nuclear submarines and working out of action for such a confrontation submarines. In the process of teaching Gotland, namely, the "sunk" South American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan class Nimitz.

How effective will the submarine project A26, will be judged solely in the 2020s, when they entered service in Sweden and will take an active part in military exercises. One can imagine that the U.S. zahochut to lease and a submarine, because the military doctrine of the country's military implies an advantage in land, air and sea.

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