Swedish fighter «Gripen» in Switzerland were rated unsatisfactory. But they will take

Fighters Swedish-made JAS 39 «Gripen», which defeated the Swiss tender, do not correspond to the lowest technical requirements of the Air Force Switzerland. Report of the Commission of the Swiss Air Force, made the 9th November 2009, at the disposal of the newspaper "Zonntags Zeitung".

According to the report, from July 28 to December 5, 2008 Commission of the Air Force Switzerland Through a comparative analysis of the three planes, competing in the tender for the purchase of fighter aircraft. Participants in the competition were the following aircraft: 1) «Eurofighter Typhoon»; 2) «Rafale» French company «Dassault»; 3) Swedish JAS 39 «Gripen» production «Saab».

Favorite, in accordance with the criteria of the tender had to dial the results of all tests for more than 6 points on a 10-point scale. In 6 out of 10 were rated Swiss were armed with 1997 South American fighters «F/A-18 Hornet».

The favorite of the test was considered a French plane «Rafale», who collected 6.98 points (rated 'satisfactory'). «Rafale» coped with all tasks, including attack, reconnaissance missions and for aerial combat. Need to see that the aircraft is greatly appreciated and Swiss pilots. The only "weak link" of the fighter, according to experts at the Swiss, is a helmet-mounted display system disk imaging.

2nd place went to «Eurofighter Typhoon». He's got a 6.48 overall score. "Typhoon" as a whole has successfully passed the tests, but the Swiss spice is not very liked his performance in the course of conducting conventional combat. Another feeble spot "Typhoon" experts from the Commission found airborne electronic warfare system.

But airborne EW system JAS 39 «Gripen» Swiss liked. But the fact is that none of the test tasks Swedish fighter not cope. In the overall standings «Gripen» was only 5.33 points — and rated "unsatisfactory". As we see, he showed the worst result, less than 6 points, which was valued legacy F/A-18 «Hornet».

Despite this failure, in December 2011 the Swiss Ministry of Defence said the victory «Saab» in airplane tender. As the "Zonntags Zeitung", a decisive role in choosing the military played a very non-technical characteristics, and … the price of a fighter. How to involve specialists, 20 two Swedish aircraft will cost the Swiss in the 2.5-2.8 billion. francs (2.7-3.0 billion. dollars). With all this «Dassault» for eighteen own aircraft begged Switzerland 2700000000. francs.

The contract with «Saab» to supply fighter jets for the Air Force Switzerland, was reported to be signed after the government approved the results of the tender in February of this year. Delivery of the first «Gripen» in Switzerland, possibly in 2015

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