Swedish grenade jumping AB HGr

Sweden has opted for the construction of a grenade Rheinmetall as the next generation of their own hand pomegranate air blast created for the defeat of the enemy in shelters within a radius of 5 meters. Reasons for the acquisition of Sweden manual pomegranate air blast (Air Burst Hand Grenade, AB HGr) quite easily explained to Ian McKinley (Ian Kinley), managing programs from design and manufacture of special ammunition at the Ministry of Defence of Sweden: "We realized that the ordinary fragmentation grenade has a severe drawback lies in its very low likelihood of defeats the purpose. It is spherical distribution of the fragments. explosions on the ground half a grenade disperses into the air while the other half goes into the ground without having the ability to hit military targets. And a few fragments — only a few scatter at the surface level and they only lead the desired effect. "

This effect can be negated by means of the formulation of small obstacles. Kinley said: "We realized that we needed a hand grenade capable of hitting targets behind obstacles having the same height as the goals themselves. This brand new hand grenade capable within 4-5 meters of strike manpower having body armor from Kevlar and similar" .

As a result, in 2010, the year the Ministry of Defence of Sweden signed an agreement Rheinmetall Waffe Munitions ARGES to create pomegranate AB HGr. The final qualification was in March and the first series deliveries began at the end of 2011.

Kinley said: "This looks like an ordinary pineapple hand grenade and must be handled with both the ordinary manual grenade. You throw them as well as ordinary grenades. "But there the similarity ends. He continued:" These grenades are rolling on the ground and at a complete stop DA mode, jump up to a height of 1.5-2 meters and explode. The effect of air blast can hit targets behind obstacles. In addition, from this point of aim is a huge area, which provides a higher possibility of its defeat. In addition to the spoken there is another trick. When the hand grenade bounces off the ground, we know its orientation. At the moment of the explosion in the air in the upper part of its line of motion, knowing where her top and bottom, has allowed us to design the guide all the pieces down in a more appropriate direction. This allows you to achieve a highest density of fragments, resulting in a higher probability of hitting the target. "

The more fragments oriented in the direction of want, the less risk for the grenade thrower, and less risk to the civilian population. Another feature of the design improves safety reason is the introduction of fragments with an aerodynamic braking. These fragments will scatter abroad created for the kill zone radius of 5.4 meters and is effective in this area, even against body armor, reduce your speed quickly, becoming virtually harmless at a distance of 30 meters. Pineapple AB HGr also has a small splinter upper cone.

The user can reincarnate the grenade into everyday, before pulling out of the threaded plug. AB HGr grenade used in the same way as it does not matter what the other hand grenade with a cotter pin and the trigger lever, a pyrotechnic fuse with a 3-delay systems.

Pineapple has a special conical shape of the body of the guide pieces down the conical shape of the dispersion, thus ensuring close makarom harmless distance.

In tests in accordance with the standard STANAG 4190 AB HGr grenade was detonated at a height of 2 meters and a distance of 2 and 4 meters from the reference frame the size of one square meter coated Kevlar vest. Tests showed disabling level 1 of the first level of 0.96 goals and targets from the 4th meters. Decommissioned level 0.9 is a languid level of damages sufficient to incapacity purpose.

In tests with a grenade at a height of 1.5 meters, 98 percent of all of the fragments were found within a radius of 5 meters from the explosion, and the other two percent were in the range of 5-10 meters, outside the zone of the fragments were found.

In tests on safety, in which the pieces were focused on a target the size of two square meters to 30 meters, there was no penetration of the 1st dural sheet width of 0.8 mm.

As part of the arsenal of manual updates pomegranate Sweden also acquired not long ago developed by Rheinmetall "extensible hand grenade 08" (Expandable Hand Grenade 08, EHGR 08). Offensive grenade EHGR 08 was designed to destroy Rheinmetall bunkers and caves. It consists of an igniter and then coupled with 3 charges. One charge provides extra pressure at 0.9 kg/cm2 (13 psi), two charge of 1.2 Kg/cm2 (17psi) and three of 2 kg / cm (28 psi).

The company has also developed on the same architecture as an explosive charge for heckling parts of the structure. It can be installed on the target vehicle magnets or adhesive tape. He is able to make a hole with a diameter of 30 mm to 15 mm wide steel.

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