Swedish light tank invisible CV90120

It so happened that in the event of actual combat is no room for light tanks. This is due to the development of tools to support the armor units, such as armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns, etc. On the other staring at this problem of the Swedes, the theater of military operations which in some cases does not allow the languid technique.

Features of the implementation strategy of light tanks

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defence of Sweden elected as Germany's main battle tank Leopard 2 tank, and carries out the substitution of S and Centurion tanks on the new item German arms manufacturers, the company Hägglunds continues the cycle of their own works on the easy option of the tank. For this purpose, the standard used by most experienced BMP CV 90, which at the present time has changed and received the title of CV90120-T.Rvenie professionals to run the company tank in the "series" is simply explained.

Here there are two reasons that explain the zeal Swedish engineers faster to finish upgrading the newest combat vehicle.

First, the armed forces of the kingdom to equip tanks korlandskie two teams that are deployed to the north. The heavy tank Leopard 2 for this purpose is not appropriate, because in areas with too high levels of snow cover is necessary to ensure the application of light, walk-through tanks. With all of this very principle preservation of firepower, ie tank gun should be a caliber of 120 mm.

In-2, a number of Asian, African and South American countries are likely to be among the clientele, because the purchase of medium and languid tanks is not practical because of the terrain and overhead project. Easy tank is cheaper, more so if it is adopted by the categories used by medium and languid tanks. For example, Malaysia first became interested in the development of the Swedish CV 90-120, but later was preferred tank PT-91 (Poland).

Project CV 90-120

In 1997, Hägglunds launched a project CV 90-120, in the implementation of which it was found that there was problem with the tower, which would be consistent with the combat vehicle chassis by weight characteristics, all of the proposed options for the tower compartments were bulky and heavy . In the end, as the tower "maison" was used a modified tower complex on the product IKV 91 with a gun, 105-mm, which was replaced by a 120 mm cannon.

Technical equipment

In the tank CV 90-120 used the same chassis as that of the basic version of the BMP C90, with all this added special stiffeners to keep the inertia of the mass shootings at 120 mm cannon. Because of this, some have decreased the dynamic properties of the model.

V — type 8-cylinder Scania engine has an output of 640 hp. with., making light tanks successful power to weight ratio of the product. The engine is aggregated with Perkins X box 300, which is the latest upgrade boxes Allison. Weighing in at 26 tons with ammunition product has a maximum speed of 70 km / h Suspension springs for road wheels rassredotachivanie provide uniform load on the chassis. Geometric characteristics of the track and the bottom facilitates the movement of CV 90-120 on the snow surface. The driver is equipped with 3 telescopic devices for survey areas, the central one of which may be replaced by PN AN / WS.

The configuration of the product's rovnenkaya flat, adapted to the terrain. Radiators cooling of engine located right in the building, next to the exhaust pipe. It is made to reduce the detection capability of the tank infrared emitters, reducing the coverage area of the tank in the infrared region. In the rear compartment is foreseen place for ammunition. It also includes additional room for the 5th member of the team, also it can be used for reconnaissance of the area.

Firing capacity of the tank

Firing capacity of the tank are 120 mm cannon reference OTAN, set in the tower complex. Charging is at the left side of the tower. It includes an automatic feeding system and ammunition loader. Ammunition cartridge designed for 12 shots. The rest of the ammunition in the amount of 33 shots — Ammunition, storage — in the feed tank Automatic charging maintain rate of fire of 14 rounds per minute.

Tank gun made by RUAG de Thun (Sweden). This smoothbore gun fitted with brake parts and sliding device for absorbing soot. The gun design was prepared in the 70-ies of XX century under the project of early tank which for some reason did not go to "series."

This gun was taken as the latest model of the gun, which was added to the sliding parts of the brake, which played into the hands of designers tower complexes light type, because the recoil was noticeably less.

Automatic operators targeting allow the tower to give the radial rotation with an elevation angle of guns from -8 ° to +22 °. The shooter equipped with a targeting UTAAS with a laser rangefinder and thermal imager. Tank commander uses daily sights Thales Optronics with 3-fold increase (X1, 5; X6, X24)

Adaptiv cloaking system

The tank CV 90-120 for the first time, a system of camouflage in the infrared spectrum. This development took place in the imperial examination Research Institute, holder of the "masking technologies" is the company Hägglunds.

The external components of the system are Adaptiv hexagonal plates, which are assigned to it an unusual look. With their tank not only becomes "invisible", and instead points to himself in the wrong object imagers, a phantom, "painted" with electronics.

This occurs followed properly. In the matrix of the component image is transmitted truck, for example, in the infrared spectrum of a real solution. At a certain distance in the thermal imager played this "phantom". In the case of application of the danger of military strike security sensors activate the stealth system. The tank is covered by a cloud splashing spray. Capacity of 300 liters. aerosol composition enough to hold the invisible screen over 2-minutes. The configuration of the tubes such that the sprayed liquid similarity with the effect of making the wavelength in the IR — spectrum between 5 and 25 Mm, the result that is desired absorption paradox.

According to the project manager in the firm Hägglunds, infrared masking only the beginning, they are working to create a similar effect with radar systems

Electrical protection CV90120

Electrical protection CV90120 — award office Celsius Tech et Grintek Avitronics. Laser sensors from the company Thales Optronics put the crew informed of the date on the target, generating intelligence search. There's a special version of the statement of interference or physical destruction of targets. Radar communicate information about the likely target is detected by technical means adversary or the shooting to defeat the enemy with the introduction of air or artillery.

Instrumental complex "starts" or aerosol masking produces shooting gren
ades, setting specific screens.

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