Swedish UAV Skeldar V-200 on the Protection of the Russian Federation

At the last in France Eurosatory-2012 was announced the intention of the Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation to adopt drone Skeldar V-200 produced in Sweden with the American gyro-stabilized platform with optical-electronic equipment. One use of helicopters, drones can ensure security during the 2014 Olympic Games in the town of Sochi.

Skeldar V-200 — Development of the Swedish group «Saab», is a medium-range UAV helicopter type. As a result of the drone provided takeoff vertical-landing type. Designed to perform tasks of monitoring, review, identify, for both military and civilian needs, both on land and at sea. Swedish drones can be launched from surface ships, for surveillance and reconnaissance in real time. According to the developers, «Skeldar V-200" — it is economically successful candidate ordinary helicopters, which, moreover, has the smallest mass-size properties.

Development «Skeldar V-200" are engaged in since 2004. Layout under the title «Skeldar 5 ROS" made the first flight in late spring 2006. Creating a drone had been planned for 2008. United States, according applets «ISR», planned to provide destroyers new UAV with vertical take off and landing. Marine version of the drone provided all the powers of observation and intelligence, namely, to assess the damage to the introduction of combat weapons. Additional powers: the logistics of the ship-to-ship and delivery disk imaging criteria in bad weather on a ship or on land.

UAV Swedish designers have made on the basis of UAV «APID 55" design «CybAero». «Skeldar V-200" is built from carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum and has a small-sized assembly which can accommodate a variety of equipment payload. For internal equipment drone can just get through a special panel. The possibility of vertical takeoff and landing capabilities not ask any of GDP. UAVs are used in the revolutionary technology of the rotor. Ball screw the quick implementation and during transport or for maintenance is stored separately from the UAV. Flying characteristics similar to ordinary helicopters — UAV can hover in one point, flying at different speeds in either direction.

This version of the drone Skeldar can carry double the payload, ie more than 40 kg. The desired load UAV is dependent on the requirements of the tasks. The open architecture allows the suspension of the payload opportunity to integrate «Skeldar V-200" different current and future surveillance and reconnaissance equipment.

The standard configuration of the payload:
— EO / IR camera on gimbals;
— laser illumination;
— laser range finder;
— radar with SAR;
— system motivated readings moving ground targets;
— electronic warfare system;
— searchlight;
— megaphone;
— the hook.

System UAV control can be integrated into the command and control of the ship or management ground equipment. It comes to one or more console control panels consisting of monitor display info and computer equipment.

Management «Skeldar V-200" not counting the drone operator can produce 1-2 more individual operator. Methods are used to control «Point-and-Fly» and «Point-and-See». The operator can set the route of flight in which the UAV will fly autonomously or make flights from one designated point to another. Drone collects real-time disk imaging and information collected goes directly to the console panel and the terminal on the control system. For a free flight on board navigational equipment was installed which comes in a radar altimeter, system air data collection, the receivers (main and emergency) GPS. For UHF communications channels used L, C and S-band.

UAV Propulsion — 2-cylinder, 2-stroke, in-line engine with liquid cooling of the internal combustion engine. Thickness — 55 HP, 6000 rev / min. ICE is provided an electric ignition system and the electrical system of injection of fuel.

The main features:
— length of 4 meters;
— rotor — 4.7 m;
— take-off weight — 200 pounds;
— the required load — 40 kg;
— flight speed of 130 km / h;
— residence time in the air up to 300 minutes;
— the radius of the act — 100 km;
— 4.5 km altitude ceiling.

Due to the acquisition of drone intrigued by the Russian side, the Swedish designers may submit a refreshed «Skeldar V-200" at the Metropolitan exhibition means to ensure the security of the country in October 2012.

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