Swine Fever came back to St. Petersburg

PigsROSTOV-ON-DON, October 6 — RIA Novosti, Yulia Nasulina. African swine fever virus, which is already a few months is not fixed in the Rostov region, was found on Sunday on pig farms Ltd. "Bataisk" in the Azov district, told RIA Novosti spokesman GUMCHS Russia in the region.

According to him, the death of animals on a pig farm started a few days ago. "Today, experts have identified a laboratory patmateriale of African swine fever virus," — said the source. He said that only a pig farm contains 8.931 thousand. In addition, the private farms in the vicinity of the farm are still 235 pigs.

The last outbreak of swine fever was recorded in the area in early August of this year in case the farm "Rostov-World" Rodionovo-Nesvetayskogo district, where it was subsequently destroyed more than 5000 animals. Prior to that, the virus does not appear in about six months.

African swine fever (disease Montgomery) was first recorded in 1903 in South Africa. Under natural conditions, are susceptible to domestic and wild pigs. Infection occurs through contact with sick animals healthy. The disease poses no threat to human health, but extremely dangerous for the animal, since no cure and vaccine.

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