Swine flu vaccine made dozens of disabled children

Swine flu vaccine made dozens of disabled children

European doctors are sounding the alarm. In Ireland, Norway, Sweden, a growing number of cases of childhood narcolepsy. Etobolezn nervous system, which manifests sudden attacks of sleep. Sick children — tens. Two years ago, at the height of the epidemic, all of them to be vaccinated against swine flu. Vaccines have been developed in an emergency order, and possible side effects have not been studied.

The life of an 8-year Sigruda Bergsruda changed in that time, when he made a shot vaccine so-called swine flu. Since the day he was overcome by fits of irresistible sleepiness. He — one of 19 Norwegian children who have found a rare disorder of the nervous system — narcolepsy.

"I used to sleep on the ground floor. Now I sleep here in a sleeping bag. Next I need mom and dad. Just in case I had a nightmare, "- says a child.

Besides nightmares torment Sigruda hallucinations and bouts of cataplexy: loss of muscle tone, when a boy, for example, is ridiculous.

"In school, I find it hard in the classroom. I often go to sleep, for me, brought to class armchair ", — complains Sigurd Bergsrud.

Sigruda parents say that they have been deceived officials of the Ministry of Health.

"The vaccine we are very strongly recommended. The doctors said that it is safe, no side effects, it thoroughly tested. We agreed to the vaccination. Now I do not believe all of them, "- explains Monica Bergsrud, mom sick child.

Two years ago, the world embraced real panic. There is a new strain of influenza. Journalists called it a pig. Among the cases was extremely high mortality. In the event of a pandemic, the number of victims of the microbe could reach tens of millions. The best experts rushed immediately to develop a vaccine. They were created in record time. On scrutiny it did not even go. Guinea become virtually everyone vaccinated.

"It was a necessary vaccine. She saved many lives. Unfortunately, revealed serious side effects. About narcolepsy then really did not know "- says Steinar Madsen, a doctor.

It soon became clear that the threat of swine flu has been greatly exaggerated. But the sad consequences of vaccination preparation "Pandemrix" is more than noticeable. Children suffer from narcolepsy, not only in Norway but also in other European countries. The European Medicines Agency has started an investigation, according to "News".

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