Symptoms of snake colonization

While half of Russian fairy tales, stories related to the idea zmeeborchestva when Hercules (Ivan Tsarevich) fights with the Serpent Gorynych (Tsmokom, Gad, a many-headed miracle-Udoma), some still doubt the Slavs in the presence of a highly developed reptilian race and its impact on our life. Consider co-mor Reptilians on obvious examples.

1. The childhood of man.
The most popular song, which is sung in Russian families at children's birthday party, song Crocodile Gena (Reptilians-genetics), "Let the pedestrians run clumsily through puddles …". Note for formatting human reptilian frames taken from a child!
What ideas we advanced through this cartoon? Cheburashka — a Russian nerd with big ears who listens Crocodile Gena. Also in the song are the words: "Arrival suddenly wizard in the blue helicopter and free movie will show" — a reference to the television (blue screen), where the main free brainwashing. And as a hint of 2012, when for big show for holographic clouded brain food from the supermarket.
I think we have enough so listen carefully to these crocodiles gene, which flooded the world GMO (genetic mutants) and other products (beer, chips, toothpaste, powder) actively advertised on television, and to reduce their ears, showing awareness.
A children's poem, in which a crocodile swallowed the sun, remember?
In Russian folk tales is the idea of spiritualization reptiles to the level of the individual — is the image Frog Princess, which turns into Vasilisa the Wise. Today, in one of the most famous cartoons of Shrek (Reptilians good-eating), the beautiful Princess Fiona, human appearance, turns into an ugly green ogress shrekopodobnuyu. In my city, the first 3D movie being shown at the cinema was called "Shrek Forever After." SW sea!
When I go to a children's store in a plastic figurine of a mammal (cows, wolves, etc.) sold 5 figures dinosaurs!?
And, anyway, if not the dinosaurs (they died like) why so many available cartoons, movies, comics, children's magazines with their images. After all, we understand that in today's world, nothing so hard just not advertised?!

2. Youth rights.
Girls are actively imposed reptilian ideal of beauty: "Legs of the head grow" — Barbie doll proportions centerfold when shoulders wider hips, and two on the chest instead of the pimple bust. As you know, the legs of the head grow snakes.
For normal Slavic girls born on the "golden section" is unattainable. Because they have both breasts and a beautiful ass. But in Soviet times were still human dolls with normal proportions.
Due to the thinness of propaganda emerging diseases such as anorexia and saving money on food. Girls also impose the idea of long nails, which in everyday life is not practical, but very necessary for predatory serpentine gestures.
Actively promoted sexual perversion, because snakes like to climb in all holes. Also there was too many vampires in youth movies, where held the idea that there are two types of humanity: the normal and the vampire (gadskih).

3. Maturity of the person.
In Russia there is a copy of the inaugural constitution in which all Russian presidents take the oath of allegiance to the country. So this instance covered with blue leather Varan (reptiles). This information is from the official website, describing the inauguration ceremony. Who swear allegiance to our presidents?
You can often hear the expression: "The draconian laws. Well, you bastard. Snake in the grass. Finished badly, bastard. Snake trick ", which also characterizes the essence of what is happening. A For-Kona, in general, all draconian, since Slavs always lived by Cohn. And notice how the Russian of the Constitution is very different from the Russian laws.
Earned by the sweat of the person offering the money to spend on the reptilian pleasure: to lie on the beach, expensive resort (like the cold-blooded reptiles that love to bask in the sun with nothing to do), eat kebabs and other meat products (tales of the Snake Dragon love meat), to join the Green Snake (alcohol), and then fall into the hands of medicine, the symbol of which is again the snake?
Pay attention to the article "Oxygen or sulfur", where many facts as shown for human Money Earth prepared for the coming of Reptilians.
Order of miners Russia is decorated with golden snake, for all mining, oil, gold, gas, first you need to prepare the world for the coming of reptiles. And, as life, "minerals" does not contribute to human happiness, health and well-being, with the exception of individual human beings.
Is it too much of a coincidence?

4. Old age people.
In old age, people tend to fall under the full control of snake medicine, which has an unwritten rule: "Well, we shall treat or let her stay?".
These are the obvious observation, dear colleagues. A strategy for victory over the snake Dragon — a spiritual awakening, planting sacred groves and human nutrition (see "Three heads dragon — corn, religion, alcohol").
Who will be the wiser or Snake Man? See you soon!

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