Tanoreksiya — tan as a dangerous craze

Tanoreksiya - tan, as a dangerous delusion.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

It has long been known that the same low doses in a medicine, and in large — poison. This is also true for ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn on our skin. For many, the fair half of mankind presence chocolate skin tone is the meaning of life, they spend all this time, money and health.

It is for them and coined the term — "tanoreksiya" (from the English. Tan — tan), That is painful, almost maniacal passion to tan regardless of the season. Exposed to it for the most part Teenage girls 13-16 years fromthose countries where the sun — not a very frequent visitor. The desire to look good — this is a normal desire of a woman, but as a permanent saturated Sun is the purpose of life, the situation may get out from-under control.

Particularly relevant is the problem, given the wide spread of all kinds of tanning beds — from professional stationary to home. It is in the tanning "zagaromanki" vigorously support its shape throughout the year, not paying attention to the warnings and recommendations of physicians.

The debate about the dangers and benefits of the sun (and tanning) does not cease till now, but one among scientists agree — Abuse of sunbathing — as in direct sunlight or in tanning salons — causing extensive damage throughout the body and affects the condition of our skin.

Methods of dealing

Government and physicians from different countries, concerned about the health of young people, trying to protect teenagers from overuse of tanning beds by means of prohibitions. Physicians and politicians customize inexorably rising numbers of skin cancer among the younger generation.

In the UK, which is not spoiled by sunny days, tanoreksiya among teens takes epidemic proportions. The British Medical Association (British Medical Association) and the Institute of Cancer Research (Cancer Research UK) have made the official introduction of the ban on visiting tanning salons adolescents under 16 years of age.

In the U.S., lawmakers have one fromsunniest states — California — offer to ban teenagers under the age of 18-year-old age, visit the solarium. Senate intends to pass a law prohibiting teens tanning salons in special if tan not prescribed to them by your doctor. In 27 other states to visit tanning salons teens are required to obtain parental consent.

Later insight

Scientists believe that teenagers are not exposed tanoreksiifrom-for own folly, andfrom-for appallingly low awareness of the possible consequences. After all, manyfromThey believe in safe tanning in tanning salons, which is not true. Epiphany comes much later — when developing serious complications. And well, if it is possible to notice these complications, diagnose and cure. In the UK alone from direct complications related to "overdose" solarium, annually kills about 100 people.

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