Television teaches smoking

TV crew removed the video about yourself from all sources on the Internet (proof — video below — see the information in the player).

These fragments youth drama — dossier Moscow City Duma on Russian television. Legislators with the International Conference of Consumer investigated. Find out — what he teaches modern TV? The answer shocked many — smoking. It turned out a month for this procedure in "teveshnikov" leaves 40 percent of airtime. A leader on a smoke break — on STS.
TV Series — "Physics and Chemistry", "Interns", "grouse." In the top hit — and the most innocuous "Happy Together." The main thing that scares researchers, the heroes of films through the cigarette viewers impose specific lifestyle.

Lyudmila Stebenkova — Chairman of the Moscow City Duma for Health Care and Public Health:

"First, I believe that you should at least write a letter, second, it is necessary to go to court on the channel, not the fact that we will lose, not a fact, because it is possible to prove that this is not an artistic conception, have to start a lawsuit, I am ready to engage in it "

Artistic vision has become a reliable alibi for the film industry. Since 2001, a demonstration of smoking in movies allowed by law. In that case, if it is an integral part of the work. Nicholas Mishustin, the father of five children with this statement does not agree. Officials believe whatever plan should be derived from the use of any mention of defects.

Nicholas Mishustin — head of the working group on the protection of families and children from the juvenile technologies at Moscow City Council:

"Even the social advertising, it cultivates an interest, I'm not glad that I taught my children to read, and I took them to school, because I have them from all of this fencing, turn off the TV, led by other routes, but now they learned to read and this from all the cracks encountered "

At a round table antikurilschikov on "Television teaches smoking?" Most inveterate that trouble is just not. Researchers assure event invitations are sent out each federal channel. And if the representatives refused to come — the proof is evident — on television, really, is propaganda smoking. Question: is it only wanted to achieve the anti-smoking movement activists? And who will give the first volley fire?

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