Tell the truth handed signatures in Minsk city executive committee

Officials of Minsk City Executive Committee took 105,000 signatures demanding to rename one of the streets of Minsk in honor of Vasil Bykov.

The leader of the "Tell the Truth" Vladimir Neklyaeva Minsk city executive committee was in the waiting room 5000 of the original signatures. At once thereafter officials took more 100 000 copies of signatures — scanned and copied from the originals.

Signatures took the deputy chief of letters Andrew Gray.

July 9 during a search of the vehicle activist of the campaign "Tell the truth"Michael Bashura police seized thousands of pages with 20 signatures. Sealed car was in the yard of the Soviet district police on July 3. There it drove from its parking police.

Previously unknown robbed the apartment in which the activists of "Tell the Truth" was stored for more than 50 thousand signatures to rename one of the streets of Minsk in honor of Vasil Bykov. Nothing out of the apartment has not disappeared.

May 18 during a search at the office of the security services confiscated 10,000 signatures.

Details — later on our website

Nyaklyayeu with the delivery of original signatures that were not able to confiscate

Has raised more than 100 000 Signatures

The office of Minsk City Executive Committee Nyaklyayeu transmits treatment with signatures for giving one of the streets of Minsk after V. Bykov


"Tell the Truth"

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