Tell the truth won a court in Minsk city executive committee

Minsk Economic Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Minsk City Executive Committee on the Elimination of an educational institution, "Moving Forward," which launched the campaign "Tell the Truth."

A preliminary hearing was held on June 10. The judge then Andrew Aleshkevich decided to accede to the request of representatives of "forward movement" of providing them with essential documents who were office in a sealed institution. July 6 representatives of the "forward movement" finally allowed to go to the office, but the document was not there. So the prospects of the case for members of the movement seemed pessimistic.

During today's review of Judge Andrew Aleshkevich asked a lot of questions. The main charge of the registration authority Minsk city executive committee was that the "way forward" gave false information about the legal address. Judge persistently inquired what the falsity of what zavedamasts whether the defendant did so knowingly, one in particular has been damaged. The representative of the Department of Justice Minsk City Executive Committee Emilia Pozniak tried to answer, but not always convincing. Finally, the judge ruled — Minsk city executive committee denied the claim on the Elimination of "progress."

May 18 in the offices of the institutions "Moving Forward", and in the apartments of more than 20 activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" across Belarus were searched. Activists have seized computers, documents, money. Director of the institution, the poet Nyaklyayeu, activists Sergei Wozniak andAndrey Dmitriev were arrested and spent three days in the detention as suspects in the case by the 250th article of the Criminal Code — "spreading false information about goods and services." The charge on the case no one charged so far. In the Leninsky district police department, where is the case, declined to comment, citing the investigation nezavershanasts. Seized computers, media, documents and money to any of the activists have not been returned.


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