Terrible prophecy of a nuclear explosion

July 29, 2012 8:56

After the death of bees and ducks started dying people (photo Fotolia)

After the death of bees and ducks started dying people (photo Fotolia)

One hundred years ago in a village in the county Krasnogradsky Kharkov province lived an old woman. Did not like her men: rich, literate, was an avid pilgrim. But most people do not like her talk about the impending war, revolution, famine, and the atheist regime. Even the gendarmes from Kharkov repeatedly staged her "soul-searching conversation" about such outrageous prophecies.

Laugh speeches old woman stopped a year after her death, when the first world war. But forty years ago, the worst came to pass her prediction that in these parts will be at night as light as day, and many of the other world get severely ill.

In 1970 he opened a Krasnograd powerful gas field. After the first year was 17 wells, but during the eighteenth drilling at depth was a fire. Escaped to the surface of hundred-meter torch destroyed drilling facilities.

From terrible roar of flame in the neighboring village Hrestischi shook windowpanes and hurt the ears of people. Within a radius of fifteen kilometers of the chickens refused to lay eggs, and cow — to give milk, people started for no apparent reason to lose my mind. Then later found out that the "culprit" was infrasound emitted by the fire. Authorities ordered to turn off all electrical appliances and even forced to take the match: cracks in the earth began to spread gas.

Extinguish the fire was impossible. Multi-ton concrete blocks that tried to close the hole, threw, like splinters. Pumped concrete under pressure also failed: the hot gas "spit" it out.

So they decided to use the last resort, "solder" the well by a nuclear explosion capacity of approximately four kilotons. Preparation was under strict secrecy. For all calculations, the probability of failure came to only one percent.

Early morning July 9, 1972 to all residents of the eight-kilometer zone were ordered to sit in the bus. Said that they would put out the fire, but the way in which — it close, and the silence lasted for two decades. Everyone stood in a cordon ordered to stand on tiptoe to the underground hit did not break my spine. At 10 am the device went off, the fire was extinguished, there was applause. But after only 20 seconds, this time to re-km altitude powerful burst fire fountain, mixed with the breed, a minute later formed the characteristic of a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Top brass quickly realized what was happening, and then evacuated.

Meanwhile, the bus drove people back to the village. The sight was horrible: broken windows in houses, cracked walls, dumps plaster, twisted frames. On the grass near the hives rug lay dead bees: not survived any apiary. In a few more hours began dying poultry, and it was followed by a larger animal.

In the evening, when people are going to dinner, they were astonished by a strange glow in the sky, and those who long to get to sleep that night, remember that even able to read the newspaper. A few days after the rain suddenly began falling leaves: this is where the trees until mid-October are green. And next winter, in December began flowering gardens. People have always had a headache, skin had a strange bronze color, very aching feet and spine. But the doctors were not allowed to tell the truth to their patients. In the years that people began to cut cancer. Then he remembered about the old local Veshchunov, predicts such passion, and realized that nothing made fun of her. Even tried to find her grave, but only one of the numerous relatives in the old woman's remains.

The fire was put out in the summer of next year. I had to dig a well. When digging a trench, then, despite the heat, we had to break through the ice packs, formed due to the pressure caused by a nuclear explosion.

Today about what happened forty years ago, nothing reminds. After the accident paved highway speed Kharkiv — Simferopol, on which many happy and unsuspecting owners of vehicles going to the Crimea for rest.


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