According to some data in the blast in Minsk metro killed 11 people, 100 people sought medical help. Belarusian authorities believe that a terrorist act

"Today at about 17.54 at the station" Oktyabrskaya "a terrorist act. On the criminal case, a joint investigation team "- said Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved reporters after a meeting with the president.

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Belarusian blog with regularly updated news reel about the explosion in the subway :

21:59 — We drive to zero kilometer, and light candles. Who when out.

21:52 order to restore the station at the earliest mode, which would be tomorrow underground work! (Alexander Lukashenko, TV)

21:35 — suffered two Russians Olga Frolova and Hope Lukov. Embassy of the Russian Federation: the Minsk metro suffered two Russian citizens injured are now in the third hospital in Minsk. One of them was prepared for surgery.

21:30 — Ministry of Health confirmed that the explosion at the Oktyabrskaya metro station 11 people were killed, 128 injured (TV)

21:18 — To the journalists working on the ground, stepped spokesperson police department of Minsk Alexander Lastovsky. He reported the following: in 17.58 at the metro station "Oktyabrskaya" near the second car bomb exploded in the unknown. As of 21.00: seven dead and more than fifty injured. Work on the ground staff of the General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Interior. The city declared a regime of increased danger, the police working in emergency mode. I wanted to ask residents not to panic, but on the contrary — have been more vigilant. The decision to prosecute. But I can not call the qualified article. (ICT)

21:15 — an updated list of the victims:

1. Naturkach Inna, 1980 g.r, pos. Mihanovichi

2. Vasily Sushko, 1956 g.r, ul.Lynkova

3. Yaitsky Jaroslav A., age 26, ul.Nemanskaya

4. Shkel Svetlana, 25, ul.Zhukovskogo

5. Dayneko Vitaly, 52 years old

6. Pugacheva Stanislavovna Tatiana, 29, ul.Voronyanskogo

7. Shokel Julia S., 19 years old, Vitebsk.

8. Mekeenko Anna, 59 years old, ul.Plehanova

9. Tatiana Tarasova, 25, ul.Goretskogo

10. Platonenko Oksana, 32, str. Checheta

11. Unknown Olga, 35 years old

12. Yasyukevich World Remikovna, 41, Altai

13. Semiletnikov Alexei, born in 2009, Street Mogilev

14. Kozich Valery, 89 born prospect Zvyazda

15. Steep Inessa A., 32, street Golubeva

16. Filippovich Elena, 72, born, lane Korzeniowski

17. Chistyakov Valentina, 63 years old, the street Nekrasov

18. Letyago Tadueshevna Catherine, in 1978, the street Krupskaya

19. Chernyshev Margarita Petrovna, 75, born, Street People

20. Anokhin Pavel, 59, born, street Kalinowski

21. Pavlyuchik Vitalievna Natalia, 72, born, street Fizkulturnaya

22. Kapelevich Tatyana, 54 street Asanalieva.

23. Petuhovich Catherine I., born in 1995, the street Olszewski

24. Julia Smirnova Stanislavovna, 86, born, Gomel, Gomel

25. Klepchukova Anna V., 85, born, street Rainbow

26. Solodkaya Anna, 81, born

27. Goleshevich Bronislavovvich Victor, 31, avenue Rokossovsky

28. S. Elena, 35 years old

29. Prilipko Viktoria, 36 years old

30. Shelenkov Vladislav Y., 93, born, street Zaslavskaya

31. Chariev Khair, 18 years old

20:50 — I was there, near the door, saw it all, it was hell … People in the car, standing up to the window, glass eyes povybivalo. Gasped ….. Covered in blood.

20:46 — The ONT said that the blast was the second … Vogon nachinenka, terrorist attack

20:40 — I was lying in a regional teaching hospital in Borovlyany. Hour and a half ago on the loudspeaker announced that the staff prepare places for the victims of the explosion. some people just arrived back in the waiting room like people crowding. znachitt Ming bolniuy already crowded every Borovliany forward.

20:36 — It's nice to hear that people help each other, did marshrutchiki free ride. I love this country, I love people …..

20:24 — eyewitnesses say: a) an explosion occurred at precisely the moment of opening the doors. b) two explosions were in different parts of the station … maybe confused with the echo of the shock wave

20:20 — phoned the station transfusion. Today, the blood is not accepted. Tomorrow morning with a certificate and a passport waiting for everyone. Help is taken in the pre-medical study.

20:26 — Lukashenko arrived on the blast in Minsk metro.

20:15 Around 19:30 in the second city hospital appeared lists of victims, who are there. In these 23 people. It is written by hand and some of the names written in illegible. It is possible that because of promiscuity, some data may be in error:

Poles SE — 57 — Department of Emergency Surgery

Galkin Y. — 65 — Department of Emergency Surgery

Buevich IA — 58 — Emergency Medicine

Bobok VV — Resuscitation

Tyszkiewicz AI — Born in 1984 — Resuscitation

Koide EN — 1987 — Emergency Medicine

Slobodian MM — Born in 1991 — Resuscitation

Maximova E. — 1954 — Allowed to go home

Vladimir Lipsky — Emergency Surgery

Gulko PP — Born 1985 — Emergency Surgery

Rohmanova NP — 1963 — Emergency Surgery

Migdal EV — Born in 1967 — Emergency Surgery

Kiriyenko — born 1985 — Emergency Surgery

Lapitskaya AE — Born in 1983 — Emergency Surgery

Matylitsky IV — Born 1987 — Emergency Surgery

Dovzhenok NM — Born in 1991 — Purulent surgery

Voitekhovich AS — Born in 1989 — Emergency Surgery

Volosenko KV — Born 1987

Taruts AA — Otpushen home

20:00 — I called 103. They said they have enough blood.

19:59 — On the way out of town … so check jeeps some infa from agencies already have …

19:55 — eyewitnesses say about the white flash on, soft cotton and a wave, which put all the people on the floor.

19:55 — 212-74-21 Emergency Hospital, call, needs blood

19:51 — How's the blood? Otpishite one thread …. Not let those who are in trouble …. ah, yes transfusion station ….

19:38 — Six killed, 80 injured — told Life News of the KGB in Minsk and Minsk region — is the result of explosion in the subway in Minsk. We do not know that it was for the explosion.

19.33 — channel STV reported that Alexander Lukashenko holds emergency meeting. Earlier, RIA "Novosti" reports the words of the head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Makey, Lukashenko informed "about the incident in the Minsk metro." Mackay confirmed that the explosion in the Minsk metro have killed and wounded. Mackay difficult to qualify the incident, saying it was to do the investigation.

19:30 — The radio said already 7 dead and 40 wounded

19:28 — The source of the KGB said that he was a terrorist attack. The car exploded, many of the victims, there was a fire. Not confirmed officially

19:22 — information about the explosion is about 18.30 went on Russian TV channels and "Euronews". On Channel BT on at 19.00 — the fact of the explosion and twenty injured. Official data on the victims are different. Already at 19.10 Channel reported that there is one dead. Government agency BelTA reported dead. Number not specified

19:20 — Life and Wellcome not work because of the large number of calls Belarusian news websites are no "closed" they just overwhelmed because of the large attendance

19:11 — "Huge please refrain from calling on a cell as people can not get through to the emergency room and relatives. "

19:05 — station worker called on the house phone, to answer the question of what had happened, she could not. Beside her stood a lot of unhappy people, who demanded that money back for the ride. — Still is a Belarusian Belarusian, even at a time not forgetting about their consumer rights and seeking to return the blood 850 rubles for travel (historical commentary) …

19:03 — The BT (Belarusian TV) paid for 20 seconds.

19:00 — I was in the train, feeling kapets, the train stopped at once burst, or rather not, atomic thunder, shaking the floor, immediately white smoke appeared, jumped on the platform when the saw-paint or whitewash fray, do not remember the guy a meter running steps, I followed him, Escalators 2 to lift worked, her husband with him called, chtoy just knew where to look, which was not seen on the platform, there was one idea to run faster, the ceiling suddenly collapses or trample.

18:45 — In zomboyaschika — "truncated good", according to the gear …

18:42 — write about 6 dead 50 injured Let's wait for these officers