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Deciphering audioapisi from 01/04/1994

Continue the theme of anomalous phenomena and the most contentious issues for people now. Thank you in advance for many of the answers. So, what is the nature of telekinesis?

— Energy.

Could this be evidence of the materiality of thought?

— Yes.

Is it possible to mass scale of this phenomenon and why is it rare?

— You remember the beginning of the scriptures, "was first thought, but then all things were made."

That is, people may eventually learn telikinezom and it will be useful knowledge for mankind?

— You will find in the lost.

So when we were able to then?

— Yes.

It was 15,000 years ago?

— Before.

Even earlier. But Professor Averin (or Avernik), claims that telekinesis, as well as other anomalous phenomena are manifestations of demonic powers, he's right?

— Think.

We believe that the error of his (…)

— Mohammed came from the devil, Christ came from the devil.

— This is how to understand?

— Why ask

Must the (…) telekinesis to earthlings and what (…)?

— (…) Lost, then find it.

But if you lose, then it is what that time was a nuisance, or is not needed?

— No, we talked about the power to ruin you.

Well, let's continue on. Give your interpretation of the poltergeist phenomenon. What is this? (pause)You do not know or can not say? (Pause) Associated with the spirits of the dead, or are special beings from other dimensions, or even a different civilization?

— Both. For you to come and have died and others are coming — help or hurt you. We told you about the fight, the struggle is for you. And each of you the center of this struggle.

Why poltergeist sometimes like people neither gnomes small growth, and sometimes more often — this being shaggy, short stature?

— You see only what you want — the first one. And second — if it is the soul of the dead, why they should not come to people?

I agree (…). And tell the poltergeist and brownie — is the same thing?

— No, poltergeist hallway, brownie lives.

That is, brownie lives and exists in every apartment or still in some?

— (…) Citizen of the Earth.

Inhabitant of the earth. He is older than the man?

— No.

He appeared together with humanity?

— No, he's younger.

Younger. But mentally he is a better, or probably we, huh?

How much is there among you (…)

Different people have, but still shows that brownie — being more primitive than humans, right?

— Yes.

They are often good or neutral, or evil?

— And what kind of people live.

However, they are characterized by the qualities of power, which do not have the people — this is the extraction of water out of nowhere, burning, sometimes the power of a giant. How do they do it?

— Think they use you, they use your energy, and it means that you are creating these effects.

Sometimes there were times when watching the boy and one could see how he threw a pillow at an unexpected moment, or other things, but is it always the person involved in this? (…)

— Understand that this is one of the worlds, and there is the same as yours.

What is it?

— You will find the answer when I saw my life. We told you about the branches of the many branches also have this life, we will tell you that you live in the physical plane, but and Sage that you run through all the worlds. You can not talk about the subtle and physical worlds, they (…) you do not feel.

Tell me, which explains why sometimes noisiness in homes than it provoked?

— This is a game, nothing more.

But this is not oznachat that those people from (…) the family lived poorly than that provoke brownie? (…)

— You asked about the good and bad, we told you about the power, if you are poor, you are creating their own kind, you will attract like.

It is interesting that should be taken to calm the raging spirits.

— Calm down yourself.

But people are in a panic and are unable to have to think when burning starts, falling furniture — like this down?

— Calm yourself, and they will calm down, we told you that they use up your energy, they are bathed in waves of fear.

It is the fear?

— For many shall come vampires, we told you about the similarity of worlds, think of your world and see how many you have vampires.

The perfect answer. And yet somehow connected with poltergeist presence in the family of teenagers.

— They are emotional, they are open.

All right. And tell me the most effective way to cure or get rid of noise. To us in our group often request it. What is the most effective way?

— The first calm down, not overshadow the worlds, agree, if you're so bored and the more (…), the more interest you.

Yes, that's the way it is. But I wonder why the church rituals sometimes help, but often do not help?

— We talked about the different, many come to you — first and second — more often you visit the souls of the dead. If you believe in God (…)

Clearly, he can calm down. And tell me whether necessarily souls of the dead — this is our relative? Who knows the family, or it could be …

— No.

Accidentally … descends, yes?

— There are no accidents.

This is a relative?

— No.

All the same, you did not answer … not a chance, but as it is karmically connected with this family, so what?

— No. As you know people?

Well it happens that by chance, but there is still some kind of regularity …

— She's still with you, and (…) poltergeist — it's hidden feelings (…)

Tell me, if crosses, incense sometimes help to get rid of a poltergeist, so it really comes from Satan, we can make such a conclusion?

— Most often yes.

Ie it is in effect (…)?

— You do not remember we talked, and then more (…), and I'll tell you — evil only comes good.

Interesting as are born to materialize notes from poltergeist, I came across such cases, that they understand and gramata?

— Everything you know, we have told you, they feed you and enjoy your energy, you ask closely, that people feel after a business.

Yes, they asked, — Fear, or some fear.

— Fear — a loss of power.

Loss of strength, yes. Next — a poltergeist in the suburbs could predict some of the phenomena that is coming home to family, adversity and they come true. Where did they know the future of the people?

— That's it, everything in the world is moving.

Well, they know about the visit, because, well, that's because the human mind to follow work if someone is going to visit in the suburbs, so what?

— You are not careful, we told you that they enjoy you, we told you that you know a lot.

But sometimes we do not catch the arrival of guests.

— You do not run, they are not controlled, too, but they are where many can see.

All right. I know of a case when the (…) near fire occurred in the presence of things girls, why is this happening?

We told you ask the girl if she met with fire.

I met her, but she does not know how it comes from her, even a damp towel in his hands.

— You do not understand, that she remembers when she first got scared of fire.

A fear of fire in it there, right? Tell me how to neutralize a dangerous poltergeist with fire?

— We told you to, say, drive out all the factors of fear.

Is that the best way — is to make friends with a poltergeist, giving him favors?

— Yes and no. We told you about the black power, make friends, and what you get … you will find the power to stay clean?

It is logical. One family from Uryupinsk constantly asking for our help in recovery from poltergeist, there was even a man was killed. Now his grandson bad, they (…), but they want to get rid of the poltergeist. Apparently they do not succeed, because the poltergeist from Satan occurs. You know this situation?

— We told you. Good comes to you (…), but we told you in all your concept of the devil.

That is, it turns out, both to treat him so he will treat you?

— No. You good defeat the evil that is all. Do evil, it (…) and it will be glad to, if you do not give her this pleasure, it will go away.

But the family of Uryupinsk like to help, there are really in a panic all you advise?

— Nothing.

They guess, or will be perish singly?

— We told you if they want to die, they will die. Be careful, we told you that you are not interested in them physically, spiritually you have them wondering. Now I to you, Many feed on you. What are demons? They are in addition to this and the (…), the vampires come and eat you. If you do not want to defend — it's your problem — the first one. Second — they refused to help, let them remember better.

That is, you know the situation, you also think that they …

— Yes.

All right. What is the shelf life of creatures poltergeyskogo type?

— It is impossible to say when he lives only when you know about them, do not know (…) — he does not live.

That is, if I have a family …

— We told you that you give birth

You said just now that you're feeding us. Any physiological effect is on us during these contacts?

— Just think, if you know us — you have been working vision, hearing you run, you run the emotions — is not to leave any trace?

All right. This effect positive or negative?

— (…), We told you about poltergeists, we said that, that you are, then get if you want evil, you get evil. We told you, remember — nothing is your thing can do good and evil. Blaming you or a thing?

You are right. Tell me, do you have contact with poltergeyskimi entities …

— No!

These contacts are not you interested in?

— No. They are devoid of any spirituality. We were told that they feed you, if you want — they are animals, animals of the subtle worlds and many of them think of themselves masters.

That is not section?

— No.


— No.

And wait between other civilizations

— No. Your concept of good and evil. Was God in your concept, and there were gods in your concept, and one of them vozgalavnil themselves.

Well, we also believe that poltergeists are not able to be creative and creativity, so it is interesting not only to you but to us as a kind of a different world. (…).

— You talked about the harm you are interested harm?


Why you ask?

We just strange that someone besides us there are in other worlds and that from this point of view …

— You live among a plurality of worlds, you trample many worlds, destroying many worlds, you are not thinking about the strangeness. You eat a variety of worlds and not think about it, why it bothers you?

Well, in this We do not knowingly trample other worlds, now …

— Is it? You do not consciously tread itself. You want to say?

I do not know.

— Ask.

Tell me, is there anything we have to learn from the poltergeist and what is it?

— Ability to manage.

That is, they took possession of it?

— Listen carefully. We told you that they feed you, we told you (…), but they do not know how, but they are in a world where there is no your logic, you understand them only intuizmom, and you learn to live only so, but it's not over, everything else they bring evil.

Clear. Let us turn to another topic — is it possible to communicate with the souls of the dead, though it was said, but the question we re-rendered, perhaps communication?

— You are not logical, you were talking about poltergeists, as past souls and now ask.

We talk a lot about people, poltergeist for us it can be other, now only found out what it is and people can be.

— Yes.

Tell me, how many of the dead want to communicate with us live?

— All those who have stayed here.

In what sense was there? They have gone to another world.

— We talked (…), in fact it's not gone, but there were only a small number that has gone on.

That is, they are really eager to communicate with us, but it does not work?

— Many people want to help you, others want you to have the same thing and he (…).

Tell me, what has helped or hurt by the expansion of opportunities to communicate with the souls of the dead?

— Yes and no. That will take you even get it.

But it seems to us that humanity is won …

— We told you about the enemy, we told you to love, we told you about the aid supporting the enemy, if you learn to see the light then you will realize that any evil also brings benefits.

We think that we would have won if learned to communicate with the other world, and would have learned a little about the world around us.

— You do not know your world, and now you want to know the other, not knowing his own.

A man approaches to communicating with the other world, it seems, as these contacts became more widespread.

— You think.

That is, in the past were?

— They did not stop, they start with the first died, remember your history.

What kind of history?

— We talk about the stories we're not talking specifically about you, think about why (…) Religions and find me one faith, which denied the afterlife.

Yes, you're right. Everywhere there are (…) vision present.

— All those who have not left want to talk to you.

So that dead could tell us a lot, alert, prompt, and it was always progress (…) a role. How to (…) this kind of communication worlds?

— Think it's the same people, just dead, they know much more than you do?

But they the world has seen in two dimensions, material, and some spirit, which for us is not available.

— If they saw a lot more than you, they have left, but they were left, and only a small number has gone and even fewer left to help you. All the others are looking for the excuse (…) Or revenge.

And where it took part of humanity? To the stars in the cosmos?

— We told you about the (…) worlds, we tell you that you are in prison, you protect yourself from the (…).

Go to other worlds …

— No, they leave the prison.

From the conclusion of men of genius, or go and ordinary, mediocre?

— We talked about the spiritual.

That is spiritually advanced leave?

— Think there are also evil geniuses. Who let them out of prison?

They do not issue?

— No.

It seems that crime has gone sharply declined, if dead could talk about after the death of the murderer or his motives, we are wrong?

— Yes.

But is not that evil must be punished in this world?

— You are (…) punished, you will understand that?

Well, at least in the world of civilized man, the punishment should be …

— You are punishing only physically, you are consuming the flesh and know not that the main culprit was still alive, and get your children.

It, and that God does not punish, and Satan?

— (…) in the prison.

What do you say about suicide?

— Any murder is punished, you were talking about (…), you asked and was told you they given new, Think on your terms, after 21 days only infuses the soul, you see, on your terms up to 21 days can be killed and it will not be punished, do you agree?

Well, it's probably our confusion, you said that (…) twentieth day there

— It is logical. Did you know abouttwenty-one days and asked, (…), here and think before then you could kill (…), but we were told that any murder is murder and not on who killed you, you or anyone else.

But what about things like, say, murder is the only goal as ridding society, for example, or someone from evil?

— You are not careful, we told you that the main culprit is alive, and you are passed on to their worries and concerns of children with you (…).

This is something for us to open the eyes, that is, the abolition of the death penalty — this is important for humanity?

— No.

Why? You yourself are not logical now.

— Is it? Think about it.

There we go. The newspaper "Anomaly" repeatedly published dialogues with the soul of a deceased Oleg Tal, many …

— We asked you the names, just tell me (…)

Without naming Tal? Many indicated that mediums communicate with it, right?

— Yes and no, we told you about the lies, the reality, remember?

That is, under this name can …

— Understand that a lot can and start a lie, but we were told that the brain even lied understands as reality, and only a lie punishable.

That is, seriously take contacts …

— You do not understand, we told you that brain remembers all is real and even cheating someone. You will not be punished for it, because he can take it for the truth, but you will be punished for having deceived themselves, any lie before deceiving yourself, you understand? Then — a lot of contacts — a lie, your concept. All of them are real for Brain. Be careful and remember, we told you that there are no lies.

— Ask.

In one of the Tibetan monasteries one person underwent surgery on the brain, then he began to see the human aura. Such operations are possible?

— We told you the spiritual everything else process (…), While no operation is not needed, and neither crystals.

But then, in our brain is you can use, it should be easy to open?

— Yes.

And it's physically possible, but not spiritually?

— This is a prosthesis, and how much do you see? If you have dentures, how much do you make?

Yes, but without the prosthesis, also can not do anything.

— Do you have everything.

We have and we can now see God?

Nature (Or child) creates and knows how to use … teach.

It is probably about the third eye, it's really atavistic body?

— Give me an example of atavistic organ.

Well, supposedly the tail (…) there was a man.

— He is with you?

No, but it may have been, the remains of the coccyx it.

— Do you understand physically. Many carry their tails and see only those who see aura. Tail — it's your debt. (…) We said (…) and talked about (…), do you remember?


— Do you remember the answer?


— We told you that you have come. Please ask.

There are contacts with the world beyond the girl from Volgograd. It really communicates or is it fantasy?

— (…) Name.

Well, the name we … you mentioned (Or we reminded), it from the other world called Mary, in fact, she Karina. It really speaks?

— Remember how the name (…).

(…), And what it means

— Is it? … Argos?

 Obovesta, you know it … where?


Translator read and draw conclusions?

— No.

Obovest — It really is a big personality in the afterlife?

— Yes and no. You can call yourself a great personality?

No, most likely …

— But many attempted, this is one of the (…), think.

I agree.

— First. Second — this is one of the worlds, yes. Have you asked? Please ask.

Well, I care about this issue — this girl dictates a novel about Christ Mikhail Bulgakov.

— Yes and no, we told you about the lies and talked about goodness (Or of joy).

So, maybe, she writes this novel without thinking about what it …

— We told you about the (…) World, remember (…) a writer.

But she should continue writing the novel?

— Yes! Any movement of the soul it is necessary to notice.

Understand whether this novel mankind, society will accept it? After all, Mikhail Bulgakov died long ago.

— Tell me, Bulgakov thought about it when you write?

The fact that he will die or …

— (…)

And the (…) probably no, (…) it just worked.

— You're right, he did for you to think that you start to think and understand.

All right. It's very sensitive issue, but it would have to ask you the same. At my friends disappeared only son — Alex BelOG, he is killed or alive?

— Alive.

Alive? This would be good news, so far it's been gone for months. Where, then, lives, why he disappeared?

— Ask.

You do not say?

— No.

Tell me, is (…) come from?

— We'll tell you differently, you get again, (…), We told you about a past life, we told you that if you kill, the next life will be killed, all that you have done in the next life you will get.

That is, Alex has earned?

— Parents deserve.

Parents … it is clear

— We told you about law we told you about their cruelty, often to punish someone punished neighbor, even if he is not guilty.

It is not necessary to hope Alex does not come?

— Expect we must always, it will die when you stop hoping.

But it took a lot of time.

Ask further.

That Alex could and wanted to tell my mom? She is very upset.

Further, responded to you, the mother of this (…) you (…) alive, but to answer you, what else do you want?

This message can convey the mother, right?

— Ask on.

Where the souls of the dead? Is it true that the moon for them as a staging post?

— No, the Moon is just a shield.

From what?

— Shield of (…), set up your evil will and the time will come when the shield is destroyed. You name it — the end.


— Yes.

So this planet retaliation will touch the moon?

— And here the Moon? Where is the planet of retribution? We told you about the fight. Who cares how the instrument will be destroyed this shield, the main result. You talked about redemption, yes, the redemption will be, but you have to earn it. And the end of the world will come to your concept. For us, this will be the beginning. Start a new life.

You expect it began to lust?

— And you wait.

The moon appeared 10,000 years, roughly ago, so it is an artificial creation?

— You are not careful, we are talking about 15 — the first one. Second — you're talking about physical The moon.

I guess the theme of the moon must separately discuss with you, we're not ready. Tell me why a lot of misinformation in the messages from the other world?

— We told you that they like you, they are people just died, and we have told you that many people want to talk to someone, the second (…), and others — to help as they can and there are those who want to take revenge, or those in principle — If I feel bad, let them be bad and others.

This is hell?

— No. Even in your concept of hell does not exist, if you want to hell — it's where you live.

Is it true that every soul should be cleaned in a bit of limbo, it is like a grain of water, which …

— In your concept is not, because you understand the physical purification, in our notion — that's all.

More looks like purgatory, if it exists.

— How can you imagine a world finer worth?

That is, we were not subject to …

— We told you, you do not pass the physical, spiritual and you will not understand.

(…) Since the death of Lenin, where his soul now?

— Here.

In the world of the near-Earth?

— Yes. It is haunting and seek peace.

That is, it is a mistake Russians that Lenin's body was not buried?

— Think about it, you worship, you worship a corpse, you talked about results and created his own.

That is, for humanity, for the Terrans, the Russians would be a blessing if we still bury it in the ground?

— The body should be buried all the rest mockery.

It is clear, thank you. His soul then calm down?

— No.

He is a villain, so it can not rest?

— No, your concept — he is a villain, who good? He wanted to do good, but (…)


— Yes.


— No. He will see only when you get rid of the flesh.

That is, it still had to bury?

— You will do this and soon.

And if he really wanted good, and not their personal goals pursued?

— Give me a man who wanted to harm.

Among us live a lot of people who, under the pretext of good make evil for personal gain.

— Well, call selfish purpose of this man.

Deception, power.

— Power? He wanted power? Recall the story.


— Is it? You only see it?

Tell me, from your point of view, Lenin can be considered a genius or it's still quite an ordinary person?

— Think about (…)

But the way it is now recognized as erroneous.

— We told you about the evil geniuses we told you about the evil we told you about right and wrong way. You want to change the world physically. Spiritual revolution did you do? Answer.

In Russia, a spiritual revolution … (…) when Christianity came.

— It has come to Russia?


— Is it?

In Byzantium, yes, in Russia.

— You do not know the history of Christianity.

As it turns out, what they write is not true?

— Jesus came to Russia? — The first one. Second — you Christianity (…). Yes, Christianity is one of the ways, and it will lead to the goal to which we go, but first you got it and do not have the power (…) was created. Remember the past, how many deaths brought Christianity to you and how much more it will bring. We told you about fanaticism, even if you go down the right road, but a fan, you're a murderer.

Tell me how to steer a middle ground to the right or to the left?

— There is no middle ground, no right nor to the left — it's standing still, it (…).

(…) I say go on the road, that is not to turn not to the right, not the left — go straight to the right place?

— You need a happy medium, or go straight? You are contradicting yourself.

What we need is the right path.

— Why ask about the middle. (…) Go to the other side, that tells you the soul, then are doing.

Okay, if we again go back to Lenin, he is accused of (…) set of circumstances, the fact that it (…) …

— Agree to see the circumstances and use them, you need a mind.

(…) The genius where (…) to a lesser extent.

— Is it? He managed to subdue the circumstances, he used them, how can you condemn genius, you can bet measure — Who is a genius, and who is not. Explain and then we'll give you the answer.

Tell me, could it be that the soul embodied Lenin again and it will be soon?

— First, rid it of the flesh.

It turns out such a fate, and Mao Zedong, who is now also in the sarcophagus?

— We told you about the flesh, we told you about the one who seeks peace, you asked about reincarnation, it all starts (…).

There we go. Where is the rest the soul of Stalin? After all, he was buried.

— Are you sure he's not living?

And you can tell that he is already embodied in the next person?

— I told you (…).

Well, thank you, but the man who destroyed millions of people, as did Stalin, can I save my soul? We thought that it would be destroyed, God or Satan.

— No, we're talking about the immortality of the soul and speak of its destruction. You are not logical.

Thank you. The question is, here we have comrade, our mutual friend, that if we are in this life are closely linked, in a past life we were also closely related.

— Yes and no. Come and new and old go only when paid all the debts.

And you can ask it old or new?

— You think we're stupid?

Again about Stalin. You can expect from his new incarnation something similar?

— We already told you. You say specifically what he already has?

Well, you said … and so we realized that he was born somewhere.

— Then why ask?

(Then why is it repeat)

But, the man who destroyed millions of people, as did Stalin, can save your soul, it seemed to us that it should be destroyed, God or Satan.

— No, we're talking about the immortality of the soul and speak of its destruction. You are not logical.

Thank you. The question is, here we have comrade, our mutual friend, that if we are in this life are closely linked, in a past life we were also closely related.

— Yes and no. Come and new and old go only when paid all the debts.

And you can ask it old or new?

— You think we're stupid?

Again about Stalin. You can expect from his new incarnation something similar?

— We already told you. You say specifically what he already has?

Well, you said … and so we realized that he was born somewhere.

— Then why ask?

But, it can bring back the evil Russian.

— He is — the first one. Second — Russia will trample long and hard, but the time will come when it will benefit more than others, sitting in silence.

Why Russia has such a cross, the fate of this?

— You are not happy?

We think that it is not fair …

— You want to (…) — the first, second — you've been dreaming about spirituality, there were difficulties, and you no longer want it? Where are your dreams? Why you are not hard to solve?

Well, the price — too many people suffer in Russia.

— Let's talk about the spiritual suffering.

The question is, in the past you have reproached raze it, I wanted to say that I want to understand the world, you said — (…) Any purpose, means, ie, by hurting someone, that is, it is not so (…). That is in relation to this issue of Russia that you can answer, if we suffer for great purposes — it turns out the goal justifies the means?

— It is difficult to explain, if we tell you that the good should be with your fists, you're wrong to understand, although it is true. Yes, there is a struggle (…), there is a struggle for good and evil, your concept. In this it is higher, the outcome of this struggle are everything.

And there is this idea that the entire world (…) in short, coming to something one, goals there, beliefs, perepolyusuetsya and will be a completely different (…)

— Why did you decide for everyone? You say there is a thought, you see — it's just your mind, can you name the other, carrying the idea. Why do you often talk about all without talking about yourself? Why is your concept of reversal — is good turns into evil and evil is transformed into good? Why do you (…)?

No, I'm not saying that evil …

— We're talking specifically about you (…)

The theme of unity curve (…) straight sets to life. I do not know what I am doing in life. So just in case, did not do anything.

— Do not do nothing to turn. Doing nothing, or doing something that does nothing. Do you understand me?

That is, it is better to do something than to do nothing.

— Any movement of the soul to be seen. Next. We talked about a past life, we told you that you (…) quite evil, we are told that evil is punished. Yes, you were a murderer, but you have been a victim, but you were kind and were angry. Everything is in your hands, do not more.

Now I have a choice of going on, who do I have?

— No, you go until the choice of what to do.

So, ending theme of souls, we want to ask whether rights Veynich, Considering communion with the souls of demons occupation?

— You asked, I (I do not understand why, until this has always been the WE) you replied: Muhammad came from the devil.

All clear. Another theme. Travel to other planets, the people there are really transported or did it happen only in their minds, in the brain?

— We are talking about the spiritual, physically you can stay, but you have the physical and flights.

Tell me, traveling on a boy from another planet (Some of)?

— No — the first, second — you're forgetting our terms and conditions. Next, we told you about reality, you saw woes, want to blame others. You say: to fly (…) trip and when ye knew that you were just being careful to not kill themselves. Please ask.

Well, that is flying boy — is it fantasy?

— We talked about the reality (…) you enough this answer?

Thank you, in this case it is enough. I have another situation where a man from the village of forty years, the father of eight children, reports and detailed reports that fly to another planet. How to relate to his posts?

— How about you?

I'm with confidence.

— You strong — First, second, — (…) I can not tell you about all the cases where it was true or not, because you do not ask about them all.

That is, I often Hoodwinked, but people are very sincere talk, many believe it is.

— Do you understand the sincerity?

Well, I intuitively feel that people do not compose.

— We told you about the fifth dimension told you the sixth dimension, we told you that already many people come, we told you that if you see a fifth, you'll see the rest (…) we told you (…), why do not you trust your intuition? What do you want? You have planted corn and trample it, let it grow.

I just trust my intuition and I think that people are really telling me the truth …

— Then why ask?

But you just said …

— Do you want to see (…). You are asking about right and wrong, who are you? Do you remember? Do you remember the answer? More often than you want to believe in what you (…). We told you that it's easier to believe and and not (…) no evidence if we say that we are the evil and you need a lot of evidence that you may believe that we are on the good. Why is that?

Our imperfections.

— Do you have insight, you creates new feelings, why did you ruin it? We told you, remember we told you about the end of the world and say that you can bring it themselves. Why are you all understand physically? Why end of the world comes to you physically? And so it will come to you physically, because you want it, why?

Our imperfections. For me as a journalist, it is very important not to lie in their articles, and here's how to choose the criterion of who is telling the truth, who dreams and who is just crazy?

— You are illogical, we told you about the lies and the truth, remember. If you have accepted as truth, how can you lie?

A involuntary error can not …

— We told you that you are in this case does not lie — the first, second — remember, we told you about the lie that every lie is the truth. Let it be a lie, and you took a lie for the truth, let him, but does that change anything?

You can continue? Spiritualism — helpful or harmful …

— No, we have already spoken to you in the beginning, poltergeist — is one branch of spiritualism — First, second — we told you about the power that you will receive if (…) force capable of governing, then proceed, but fear not, if you do not there are forces and the spirit will run you.

We have created such a sensation that the occupation spiritualism in the last century, did not bring any progress to mankind, it is a fair illumination?

— No, it does not pass without leaving a trace, nothing. And all the benefits, we told you that even the evil benefits (…).

All right. Tell a surround vision of the world, after physical death, can help people better understand the world, why there is no significant progress?

— We told you that the dead are the same as you, they just live in a different world. Tell me, if you go to another city, you were not there, you are in the "other world" much to tell you new?

Tell me, many great blow to the grave with the knowledge necessary to mankind, and sometimes open, whether to try to remove them?

— No.

That is, it is their choice, it is fair?

— We told you that when dying, you become prophets, (…)?

It is not clear how it become prophets.

— Dying, you see the world in other colors, dying, you are on the border. Where you can see many things. You see many worlds at once, and because they have the right to decide (…). Once in that world, or in this one, it does not matter, you are living in one world and all the other worlds for you are not real. We have said that for many of your world, too, is otherworldly.

Tell Enshteyn burned his last works, considering that they (…) for humanity, he entered humanely or recklessly?

— You repeat, we have responded to you just now.

That is, it is his will, of course …

— If you give (…), what do you do with it? If you give a gun, what do you do with it?

Unfortunately, the evil will turn. Well, in that case, psychographics quite easy if many would like perfume (…) mankind.

— Understand that any contact is (…), it does not matter you words, show a picture or write, or is born in a dream (…) and you kontaktiruete. We told you that we do not depart from you, and mind you, we never said goodbye with you.

Yeah, right. We have obtained all the time under your hood?

— No. We told you about the worlds, cloning you, we talked about the prison, (…), we tell you that there was a God and the gods were one risen and was both in prison.

The one who had risen, as it were, is not a man?

— Be careful when we told you that you not only know, but also read the answer, remember. Did you read the answer, think of your writings, remember, and you will find. Yes, you're right — everything is created in the myths, but agree, if it is to write a book in a modern language, not in the future will understand and come to you because they are tales and legends.

Tell me, is it true that psychographics associated with the contact of man with (…) the individual from other worlds?

— No.

But many, it is they do hand or memory, or (…).

— Think you're sitting in class and just drive a pencil.

This psychographics is engaged in the souls of dead people or other worlds?

— Many.

Both are.

— Yes.

And that, in other worlds, there is no other way of creativity, but to enter the earthlings?

— We told you to distinguish between aliens from the spirits, you know logically. We told you: Aliens in the body ibid, as you. How did they come to you? They are brought to you by primitive, they affect your brain, they are looking for your weaknesses and take advantage of this. And what you want — will come to you in the flesh of those who do not have it? Think about what you are saying. You talked about the dead and spoke of them as souls and want them to come in the flesh, but (…) it comes flesh, agree. Please ask.

But then it turns out that other worlds do not have any pictures, there is no creativity in theater genre …

— In your concept is not, but you do not understand, (…) there are kinds of emotions and you live in the world of emotions, and your book just a process. Agree, not the books you create emotions, and the information in them, the energy of these books.

Yes. But really only the terrestrial world has the ability to materialize the emotion in the book, pictures?

— You do not materialize, you create a rough copy. And there are many worlds, we told you about the aliens. You are not logical and can not all match.

Tell me, and the aliens also have a soul?

— We told you that everything has a soul, why do you ask? Still, any movement of the soul creates matter, the soul makes a move and creates a thought, a thought comes to you financially. Change a logical and implementation — financially.

My friend from Togliatti — artist, paintings, visions prevails environmental theme, a kind of warning death Earth, why is this happening?

— Do not you see?


— Why ask then?

It turns out, someone in the parallel worlds anyone is interested in that alert?

— We talk about the unity of the world.

His paintings are so useful information for earthlings, right?

— If you want to die (…).

Why so slow these pictures are gaining an audience? I would like to be known more people.

— Because we care about other, because you answer, to contact you (…) and then who gives, you ask why we come, you (…), and you know, if we come or not? Submit great shouting to the whole world that the (…) aliens, he said — the spirit, he was again great in your concept?

But then why did they hide it, and we mere mortals …

You (…) lost — First and second — many of you understand this contact (…), you play selfishness, self-love, although many contacts have opposite goals. Although many contacts have opposite goal — to show your fall, you were terrified and wanted to get up. That's why Russia is suffering because she falls to see its decline. Please ask.

If we find a great, they can bring their knowledge of the contacts in the business, or opening a policy?

— Yes.

They do it?

— Yes.

But do not decided

— Yes.

Is there such contactees?

— Read.

Well, thank you …

— First and second — yes, in one of your articles was however, he guarded lot, remember, (…) he elected. (Pause) (…) It protects, but you are all guarded. We told you that there is a great struggle, we told you that all of you are the center of this fight, because the fight is not for humanity, and for each of you. Most often you are passive in the fight and are not looking for help.

Is it worth it to us at our level newspapers, carry it to the people? Tell?

— We have spoken to you, makes his case.

And if it is a misunderstanding and we eventually obzovut schizophrenic?

— Many people come to you and you destroyed them, think of the prophets, they think crazy?

Thank you. Man is able to prevent the destruction of the planet?

— We told you in the past.

In one of your contacts, you said that we — that's you, you — we, well, I say in the general rules, I wanted to know, and your worlds there is a society and on what law they live?

— We told you that we are like you, you live in the physical plane, you use, we told you about periods physical (…) and then your concept of worlds are thin, you do not remember. Furthermore, the fight is (…) not to arrange the physical world, and that he saw a slim and merged with it. Then, yes, we have a concept of society, we have laws and we often accept punishment for having contact with you.

Okay, please tell me, well, let's say if we have in society (…) is not the idea (…) and so on and so forth. (Recording interrupted)

And what you manifest relation to any personal if you have them? And as a society thereto shows the ratio of

— By faith (…) not that you're standing in the middle of the process (…) individual, who went ahead, think of your entire history, individuals do not happen, you're talking about these, yes, we also have a society (…) your concept, but in yours. We can not explain to you in the spirit (…) words or is it a translator. Next, (…) we told you about messenger (or stairs) and told you that (…) instantly. But you said one individual, your concept mass information. Please ask.

Tell me, is it possible our own Volga group study of anomalous phenomena to awaken the consciousness of the people to fight for their planet, for the environment?

— You have (…) question that each is the center of the fight, why did not you hear?

Well as you, inspires the soul itself?

— You can not (…), you will often behave passively. Next, a feat accomplished in silence, and not in raid.

And you can give a useful idea of the article or series of articles on the topic of the Earth's ecology and the destructive, can be with you in this regard negotiate?

— You have so many many articles: good, bad about it, how much do they help? If we give that to change?

But suddenly still be more convincing …

— How to convince you? Even Christ came to you and did not convince you.

Yes, we are not predictable.

— Do you believe only in what you want. No evidence to talk sense into you.

Tell me, can you think of the fact, to give his vision of the impending catastrophe of the Earth? To prepare a series of articles on the subject, it may be devoted to (…) the conversation with you.

— We told you about the end of the world, we told you that he is in your hands, we say, yes, there will come a time, and your board will be destroyed and you already have a book describing it.

You can nazvat them?

— You call it a fantasy. We told you that as such there is no lie, because you think What they say fiction.


— Yes, (…), and many are afraid to write the truth. Please ask.

At this stage of religion is essential to humanity? If you are safely managed without it.

— You're right, we said that we do not have your gods, and you did not ask about our Gods.

Sorry, the contacts in the past, you said that you do not have God.

— In your concept is not, you're not careful, you're not careful, even when heard the answer.

But which of the religions: Hindu, Muslim, Catholic Orthodox … is the most correct as compared to (…)?

-We told you that the reality (…) religion — one of the ways to see other religion is true, if it is (…).

Well, in action …

— We told you that any religion — it is a vision, one of the visions that we told you about fanaticism, remember, any religion can bring evil, but good will (…), remember, Christianity came to you evil. Yes, you are relying on it, you are now in a struggle in spirituality you see her, and she is looking for support in Christianity. This is your path. (…) In their native language, so it is easier than on another, (…) it will attempt to speak in a foreign language, but think you're still on the. Please ask.

You wonder explain (…) it. Tell me whether the earthly man predestined fate or is it (…) on this subject?

— We told you about the future, that (…), for two reasons. The first and main reason — you have your own way, we have our own if we tell you the future, you'll go our way, it is punishable both for you and for us. Second — (…) we can only give a direction, you (…) select the second, but there is the fate of this (…) as you walk, there are many ways, but never look for the future, you will be go already true, You do not become on the roads no paths leading to the goal, where you will pass, and there will be trail.

Say, here you go on repeating that we are all to the end, and yet it turns out, so that the final stop is everything.

— No, you have chosen a goal, but we did not say that this is the ultimate goal.

Does the scientific underpinnings science palmistry?

— Yes, all try explain accidents, which does not exist.

But is the combination of stripes on the palm, is a comprehensive description of the person and his destiny?

— No, it is comprehensive, it is the first — comprehensive information about the past, and knowing the past is possible to calculate the future.

That is, the past leaves traces on the palms of man, right?

— Yes, a simple example — take the hand of the intellectual and the worker.

A child is born with ready lines it all their life has already acquired and is, as I understand it?

— You called it — karma, We also told you that the hands are past, but it is possible to calculate the future, only to calculate, suggest, but more at the root of all Do you believe signed, can not do.

As researchers of anomalous phenomena, learn palmistry?

(something with the record)

Tell me if palmistry determines destiny, does not that mean that it is useless to join the fight?

— You are not careful, we'll just answered.

Questions were prepared in advance just … What better learn about yourself by hand or do not know?

— And it answered to you. If you know you will act on what they have learned and can not find a new one. If you want a new path, you just walk along the trail fortune teller, that's all, but you do have to go and do a trail that passed in the past.

Okay, astrology — the science or quackery?

— Yes and no, it's one of the visions, but more for you this sharlotanstvo.

But in reality?

— In fact, the stars do not speak so often about the individual.

Many astrological predictions did not come true, that is, they are not true?

— We told you a while ago.

By any known … you describe the characters featured on our people (…)

— We do it (…), then we talked about the other

And what influence the movement of the planets on the human?

— We talked about unity, we talked about (…), you asked about (…), you'd think if all is one, any movement affects you, talking and even thinking, affecting the movement of the stars. I (Again, I instead WE) gave you the answer?

Astronomy, in some sense, connected with astrology?

— Yes, we told you that it is not always the stars speak about an individual, we told you that a lot of effect on the movement of the stars. You can find the motion in your (…)?

How to get efficiency in research work in the (…) in the study of paranormal phenomena, we sweat to it, or …

— Work out why you want to get all the expense of others? You want to see someone else's eyes, you want to hear other people's ears, you want to carry the thoughts of others, why? We must I come to you (…) let me Your strength is that you have lost that traded for what is now called life, and you ask me (Me, not U.S.).

We would like your help to reach a higher level of studies of anomalous phenomena.

— I will change your movement of thought, but it would not be right, you get a different (…), and only then. Ask.

Well, maybe it will turn out the contact person (…) from me and whether I committed to it?

— You want to say that (…)

This is my future, or …

— (…), Lie down and try if you hear what we say, we always hear you, but you do not hear us, and we need to hear. This idea or see us in our dreams, or we come to you in the things that make you remember something, we come to you feelings, but you do not know what it is to you, you think of memory, longing, nostalgia you come up with a set of names to hide the truth, we told you about stone, you do not remember.

Unfortunately yes (…) often come back and I can not remember what it involves.

— Look up and remember that I have said to you, (…), you want to find out about yourself, looking in the mirror, but understand, it seems strange to you just what what he sees, your present inside he does not see, you have to see it for yourself, we can tell you who you are, but what does it bring to you? Frustration or resentment.

(…) One day of the flight (…) to another world or to another planet (…) when will this happen?

— We told you that you are not interested in us physically, we told you — lyazhte and hear, we told you that (…) where they fly.

Since you have to negotiate on the flight to another planet, right?

— No.

Predictions — One of the most impressive evidence points to communicate with higher intelligence

(Probably early connection interrupted)

(…) Can give a forecast for 94-95-ies., In a nutshell?

— We told you about the future, we told you briefly that there is a struggle, and can (…), we have told you in the past that you have to physically difficult.

Tell me, who, for example, does not believe that (…) is not physical?

This is independent of the past century — First, the second — Many of the physical flesh of the gods (…), You know it (…).

Your attitude toward the Bible, briefly. It is useful to mankind?

— Yes, you're repeating yourself.

Who is the author or authors of the Bible?

— Authors.

A lot of them?

— No.

Is it true that the Bible is encrypted all the knowledge of human civilization?

— Not all.

That is, over time, the Bible outdated and need a new document?

— We told you about the birth of a new world, you see, in the new World will be a new Bible. Next, you are not logical, formerly Christ came, that they are out of date?


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