Thai massage without prejudice

Peasants in Thailand expanse. Even in normal ("decent") massage parlor them undress completely and necessarily so gently asked, but do not want a more intimate ("indecent") services? The women can only choose between the aromatic, foot-and oil-massage …

To visit Thailand and not to try Thai massage — almost as unforgivable as to visit Egypt and see the pyramid of Cheops. However, what is the real Thai massage, uninitiated sometimes it is not easy to understand.

Thais divide the massage to the "decent" and "indecent." The last, of course, lie erotic services, and traditional healing practices, he has nothing. With the "decent" is not that simple. We can say that it is — a collective term which includes literally everything from zamorochennyh spa programs mnogozvezdochnyh hotels to the Chinese foot massage wands in private salons.

Contraindications to Thai massage     

  • pregnancy;
  • skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, shingles);
  • cancer;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • osteoporosis;
  • varicose veins (in the period of exacerbation).

So, what you need to know Russian tourists wishing to join the traditional Thai massage. First, during the holding of the whole body is massaged from the ears to the tips of the toes, and the technician uses not only his hands, but elbows, knees and other body parts. Second, Thai massage works on the muscles, tendons, joints and energy channels. Third, he has, in fact, the massage movements (kneading, stretching and punching) and a study of the joints (a sort of passive fizzaryadka). Fourth: The aromatic oils in traditional Thai massage does not apply.

Now forget about all of the above, because the "right" Thai massage in Thailand rarity. You spend time looking for him, better yet again ride on an elephant or visit the mall, where they sell rubies.

Like clockwork

The most common form of Thai massage in its historic homeland — oil-massage (oil). You can say it — pop version of the traditional, so to speak, light-version. Salons where it is offered, there are in Thailand at every turn: in the center — more expensive, on the outskirts — cheaper. The average price of a single session, based on the Russian money — 200-300 rubles, the duration — one hour. For optimal effect it is necessary to visit 5-7 sessions.

Before entering the street massage parlor made take off one's shoes — shoes nobody steals. Inside the cool — air conditioning works. Lots of couches, they are separated from each other by curtains, in the dressing room — a bit of a waiting room. Before you surrender into the hands of the masseur is necessary to specify the price. As a rule, it always take off for 15-20 percent of the amount specified in the price list. By the way, who is going to do massage — man or woman — customer chooses.

Once both parties have come to an agreement — you can go to a massage couch and undress. Here at will: You can take everything, and you can stay in a bathing suit. Do not expect your therapist does not use nudity and do not do erotic massage instead of the usual. And for a swimsuit, do not worry, greasy stains on it does not remain — local craftsmen very careful.

The essence of Thai massage oil-

The client lies down on his stomach and completely relaxed. Masseur it lubricates the skin and begins to rub the oil to warm up the muscles, then with the power-dents presses on certain points of the body (apparently notorious open energy channels), and finally wipe it dry skin and conducts simple manipulations of stretching (foot to one buttock to another). Worked at a time: the legs (including feet), back and arms. Then the "Madame flips." Feet again, and then the chest and abdomen.

As the curtain — acupressure face and ears. And start a balancing act. Customer like rag Parsley, bending and extending in all directions. Moreover, all the movements are so honed masseur, so he feels of bounds, that practically no discomfort is felt.

After the end of the massage the body becomes light, flexible and docile. The splits, of course, the move did not sit down, but climb on the elephant will be more convenient.

Thai massage in Russia

90% of the proposals in runet Thai massage, just a series of "indecent." Sex shops in order to attract avid for the exotic client depict this service as follows: "… Like the hands of a masseuse waves lapping on the rocks glide over the skin … She rubs the skin a few drops of fragrant oil, a stimulant … then begins tao — squeezing, rubbing him … special attention is paid to the erogenous zones: near the pubic area, inner thighs, breasts … ".

The number of masseurs depends on the solvency of the client. In short, the Thai prostitutes nervously smoking in the corridor.

If we talk about the real Thai massage in Russia, and here we are ahead of Thailand. In scope. That is a cheap Thai massage, we do not quite: 200 rubles per client is not something that massage, talk with him will not. But for the amount of an order of magnitude greater can be found: the most that neither is correct from the real Thai massage Thai massage (no lite version, but as it should be — with pressing the knees and elbows) and a bunch of bonuses to boot.

In Moscow, a full range of services offered in specialized THAI-SPA salons "7 COLORS" and at the spa "Marlene".

1. Network THAI-SPA salons "7 colors"

Tel.: +7 (495) 105-51-77


  • "Energy drink" (a traditional Thai massage + foot massage) — 1.5 hours, 2,180 rubles;
  • "Healing nirvana" (Thai anti-stress massage) — 1.5 hours, 2,180 rubles;
  • "Massage 77" (relaxing oil massage with aromatic oils) — 77 minutes, about the same rubles.

The trick: except for Thai massage, which is done by a specialist (and one specialist), drawn from Thailand, where customers are offered a softer Balinese massage, which, respectively, make the girl from Bali.

2. Spa-Salon "Marlen"

Address: Big Ordynka, 6/2, tel.: +7 (495) 755-61-89, +7 (495) 951-69-79, +7 (495) 951-30-83, +7 (495) 730 — 59-83

Services: Classic Thai massage (acupressure massage zones, passive yoga, acupressure arms, legs, neck area) — 1.5 hours, 2120 rubles.

Chip: Thai Spa Massage — Traditional Thai massage is complemented by nice things, such as "The Royal Thai spa-massage" (Thai massage, Thai herbal massage + + infrared sauna + oil-massage).

But on the ads like "I do Thai massage, profisional, leave the house" call is not recommended. Most likely, there will be offered something quite well, too indecent …

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