That drinking in Russia? Features of Russian national drink

Russian sbitenAnd I was there, honey, beer drinking …

Long before the appearance of coffee and tea drinking in Russia these magnificent healing drinks. Low alcohol mead and little or soft Sbitnev were popular also for the reason that honey to the early twentieth century was much cheaper than sugar. Brewed mead as birch sap, cranberries, raisins, lime blossom, cherry. Whence came the name "honeymoon"? But there: during the wedding and after the young were fed low-alcohol mead another month. That said, "I myself was there, honey, beer drinking. Flow through mustache, but did not get into his mouth. "

(We know what he has not got! Situation — worse than the governor. And then-governor named stallion, who lit the mare for mating, but then he was dragged into the lobby cool and summed required for the breed. Here his mustache flow! Only then laugh " tili-tili dough — the bride and groom! "to the Governor shall not lose).

Let's Brewed as honey or mead, and drink, so that not only flow through mustache.

The easiest way is brewed from honey: 6-7 liters of water, add honey and a handful of pounds of hops (15-20 grams), and stirring, boil the case 2 hours. The foam will be removed until full transparency. Cool and add 45 grams of yeast, diluted in the same lukewarm liquid. Wrap myself up and put on two or three days to ferment, stirring from time to time and our liquid reining it in cold water. Then drain it expand as the bottles and put in a cool place for 2-4 months to mature. The longer, the better — depends on taste.

Learn about the readiness of honey can be a fortress and the taste. Who loves spices, you can immediately lay with hops also clove, cinnamon, lavrushechku, thyme, rosemary, cardamom, pepper, ginger. But pure honey preserves natural flavor source of honey, and you can either get the aftertaste of lime blossom, or flower, or buckwheat.

And you do not want to wait for 4 months? Just want to quickly honey foam?
Can be faster. Then let's reduce the amount of water up to three liters, and we cook on low heat for too three hours. Then add 25-30 grams of hops and boil for another hour. What povykipelo, dolem boiling water. Cool, in the form of heat strain through a couple of layers of cheesecloth. Wrap and marlechkoy'll cover — let the haunting and hisses. When hiss almost stop, expand as the bottles and wait three to five weeks of ripening drink. At the ripe honey can add 1 cup of strong tea. Strain several times our nectar, and cool. But now you can enjoy the sweet Medcom. Ispolat!

You can speed up ripening, if you add a slice of rye bread. You can use a combination of honey with sugar, raisins, and raspberries, with a cherry. There is no limit to your imagination. The main thing — the transparency of the finished product, its effervescence and taste.

For the very impatient to accelerate the maturation of the drink by adding yeast, diluted with a tablespoon of flour or without it. But this is not the real honey and mead. Mead brewed very quickly: in a liter of boiling water breed 150 grams of honey, cooled to a temperature of 40-50 degrees, add 30 grams of yeast (more soft than dry) and give surf day. Strain, add citric acid or juice of half a lemon. Cools and drink mead. Our health! Mead is not subject to long-term storage. So we'll have to drink up all of it. Once again, our health!

But sbiten, that's hot!
Who brought down my?
All eat it:
And the warrior and Podyachikh,
And the waiter, and the guard,
And all honest people.

Sbiten hot drink and Podyachikh! Sbiten-sbitenek schegolek drinks.

His long drink in Russia. Especially long Russian cold winters. Sbiten well warmed person from within, healing ailments of adults and children. Because drunk sbiten hot. That went through the bazaars and fairs sbitenschiki wrapped in blankets with brass flasks. From what have been called baklazhniki. Then flasks flick of the wrist become samovars. So now we know dad samovar in the face. And near baklazhnikov Kalashnikov swirled with hot rolls and cakes. Also brought down by his penny had!

Sbiten — it will not just honey or molasses boiling water. It added, and cardamom, and cloves, and wine, and brandy, and cloves, and ginger, and Lavrushka, and tea, and nutmeg, and mint, and lemongrass, and hops, and sugar. But the most important part, of course good old honey. Sbitenek cook? OK.

Let's start with a simple: in hot water for a liter of adding 100 grams of honey, give cinnamon, clove, mint and ginger to taste. Boil at low boil for half an hour.

You can cook sbiten at fault. Per liter of dry red wine, take 150 grams of honey. Add lemon, nutmeg and clove couple studs. Bring to a boil and drink hot.

And you can dream up in Brandy: 750 grams of honey volem per liter of water, add a teaspoon of tea. Put all sorts of spices, do not forget the lemon. Bring to a boil, give it brew for about 15 minutes under a pillow. Then strain and dolem 50 grams of cognac.

Especially healers raspberry custard sbiten. A kilogram of honey dissolve in a pint of raspberry juice with three liters of water. Boil will 1-1.5 hours. Then cooled to room temperature and add 50 grams of yeast. Leave overnight in a warm place. Sit there quietly! Morning Rasoli bottles, corked and soak in a cool place 4 weeks. Who brought down the crimson? Sbiten hot drink and Podyachikh! This is especially good, and therapeutic!
I only want to remind how to distinguish Faking honey from the present. Drip drop of honey on her palm, hold on it in indelible ink. If the chemistry comes through, then the bees were fed sugar and honey is not real. And remind ratings, how to revive candied honey — put the bank in a saucepan with water and bring the water to a boil. Keep in hot water again until the honey is not "melt". But for Sbitnev and honey meads we amiss and candied. On sbiten swords all that is in the oven! So go ahead — for a truly Russian tasty and healthy beverages. Drink to your health! Well, I'm here with you Pritulo barrel, can I?

Laura Lee

Sbiten — RUSSIAN mead

In old Russia was very popular hot sweet drink — sbiten. Sbiten sold in restaurants, cooked in villages and towns, selling racing.

It is hard to say exactly when the tables of our ancestors first came to this old drink. It was probably about a thousand years ago. Chronicles brought us the news that the Grand Prince Vsevolod in 1128, feasting with the boyars, ordered to put on tables digest (sbiten). Description of its preparation is given in "Domostroi» (XVI century) and our other early written records.
Foreigners who visited Russia during the reign of Peter I, enthusiastic about brought down, calling his Russian mulled wine. This comparison has arisen, apparently, because the visiting Dutch and English sailors familiar with this drink in the places it was prepared with wine. Street vendors were doing sbiten without wine. In the winter they wore it on the back in huge copper vessels as samovars, covered with warm cloth. They get warm in the cold common people.
In XVIII-XIX centuries sbiten particularly prevalent. They are traded on the streets, in restaurants and teahouses, bazaars and fairs. Drank it all.
In the last century to the streets of Russian cities was very typical figure sbitenschika. His image we meet in the cheap popular paintings, antique prints, in the pages of novels and stories.
Describing the Russian provincial town of XIX century, Nikolai Gogol in "Dead Souls", wrote: "In the coal from these shops, or better in the box placed sbitenschik with red copper samovar and a face as red as a samovar."

A rare depiction of life in Moscow not mention hilarious sbitenschikov (sellers brought down), walked into the crowd of onlookers with copper samovar, wrapped in cloth, no longer drink to cool down, and advertises its product lines:

"Ah yes, sbiten sbitenek,
Eat a girl, boy,
Eat and drink
Money does not regret.
Sbiten sweet with honey,
Great, people on the go! "
Or this:
"Sbiten hot drink scribe!
"Sbiten-cbitenek schegolek drink!"
"Do not drink a tub of beer, drink a cup was brought down."
Whichever way:
"This sbiten! That's hot!
Who brought down my?
All eat him and the soldiers, and the clerk,
butler and footman,
and all honest people. "

Sbiten prepared and carried in vessels, resembling a samovar, and poured into cups with bellied inside-out edges, which prevents to not get burned. Copper vessel was brought down to the hut called or flasks (depending on the area where it was prepared) in the middle of the vessel, as the samovar, there is a wide pipe, filled with hot coals. These containers and served as a prototype for future samovars. Especially appreciated sbiten chilly winter cabbies and employees, freezing in the cold stores. Until about the end of the nineteenth century sbiten replaced Russian people, and tea and coffee. Gradually, tea and coffee sbiten ousted from the master's house, but he was still a long drink the common people, especially in the winter as a warming agent.
Sbiten hut, called the cottage where they cooked and sold sbiten.
How to cook a real sbiten who so loved our great-grandparents? Recipes brought down a lot, they are different components, technology preparation. The honey is always the same component of the drink.
Sbitnev divided into simple and custard. Last produced by fermentation of the must of honey and molasses with different seasonings. And you can get drinks like slabohmelnym honeys, Braga, beer.
Drank sbiten usually rolls and cakes.

Sbiten simple 
Ingredients: honey — 500 g, white corn syrup — 700 g, spices (cinnamon, cloves, hops, mint) — 5.10 g
Boil water. Add all ingredients proc ¬ pyatit 30 minutes. Hot drink like tea.

Sbiten People
Ingredients: honey — 1 kg, hop — 20 g, spices — to taste Water — 4L
Dissolve the honey in the boiling water, add hops and spices and simmer for 2-3 hours. Brewed sbiten filtered and cooled. This sbiten drink cold as kvass.

Sbiten Suzdal
Ingredients: honey — 150 g sugar — 150 grams, spices — 15 grams of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, bay leaf, water — 1 liter.
Honey mixed with water and boil for 20 minutes
Add spices and simmer for another 5 minutes.
Then drink through gauze and touch up with burnt sugar.

Sbiten Moscow
Ingredients: honey — 200 g, syrup — 150 g, cinnamon — hops, clove, nutmeg, allspice — 2 g, water — 1 liter.
Boil honey and molasses with water, add spices and cook 5 minutes.
Then let stand for 30 minutes, drain.

Sbiten with wine
Ingredients: dry red wine — 1 liter, honey — 150 g, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg — 0,5 g
Boil wine with honey, add the spices and let stand for 30 minutes. Then strain and drink served hot. To
Sbitnev be submitted cakes, pies, cookies.

Sbiten raspberry
Ingredients: white natural honey — '/ 4 pounds, raspberry juice — 1 cup liquid yeast — 1-1,5 st. spoons, water — 1 liter. Honey dissolved in hot water, add the raspberry juice, put on fire and boil for 1.5-2 hours, stirring occasionally. The foam produced during boiling, remove. Then remove from heat, allow to cool to a temperature of fresh milk (about 24-26 ° C), add yeast and set to sbra ¬ nance in a warm place for 8-12 hours. Fermented mash in a well-drained carefully steamed and scrubbed clean wooden barrel, cork and put on ice.
1 month sbiten ready for use. Sbiten ready to bottle, which should be kept in the supine position.
This sbiten drink cold.

Sbiten ordinary
Ingredients: Water — 1L, honey — 1 kg, 4% vinegar — 2 tbsp. spoon ground ginger — 1 hour. spoon ground black pepper — 1/2 tsp, grated horseradish root — 1h. spoon.
Hot water with vinegar, ginger, pepper, horseradish boil for 15 — 20 minutes, add honey, quickly stir and bring to a boil. Serve hot.

Sbiten strong
Ingredients: beer and water — 500 g, honey — 1 kg, syrup — 100 g dried mint — 1h. spoon.
Water mixed with beer, dry mint, molasses, put on fire, boil for 10-12 minutes, add honey. Mass thoroughly. Insist 40-60 minutes.
Strain, cool and store in refrigerator for 6-7 days, after which the drink is ready.

Sbiten condensed
Ingredients: honey — 500 g, syrup — 200 g, water — 1/2 cup, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg — 1 tbsp. spoon and bay leaf — 2.
Crushed cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, bay leaf, pour in hot water, bring to boil and push the cover 40-60 minutes.
In the strained broth and add the molasses mixture Uvarov to dark red. Cool to 30-40 ° C, add honey, but thorough ¬ mix. Sbiten pour into glass jars, cover and store in a dry, dark place.
Hot drinks in the boiling water, add the condensed sbiten, stir and serve.
Brought down the number of adjusted to taste.
Sbiten can be served with lemon, cranberry juice or cream.

Sbiten dry
Ingredients: 1 tbsp. spoon of red and black pepper, ginger, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leaves
Spices and bay leaf, crushed and covered with a dry jar tightly with a lid and store in a dry place.
Before use in boiling water to fill prepared powder, bring to boil and infuse for 10-15 minutes without heating.
Broth strain, add honey and serve.

Sbiten sweet
Ingredients: 1 kg of honey take 3-4L of water.
Honey dissolved in hot water, boil, remove foam. Then lay wrapped in a cloth and boil spices. In the set of spices may include hops, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, mint, oregano, etc.

Sbiten simple
Ingredients: honey — 0.5 kg, sugar — 500 g, water — 2-3 liters.
Sbiten prepared not only honey, but also with the addition of molasses. Now you can cook with honey and sugar. Diluted in hot water sugar, add honey, boil, removing the foam, put spices, boiled, insist and filter. Set of spices can vary: m cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, bay leaves, hops, nutmeg, allspice, mint. The ratio of spices and their set of picks each master

Sbiten taiga
Ingredients (for 1 l was brought down): honey — 100 g sugar — 75 g, cranberry juice — 100 g, water — 0.8 liters, cloves — 2-3 buds, cardamom — 10 — 15 pcs., Bay leaf.
Cranberry juice is squeezed and filtered. Pulp is filled with water, boil, strain the broth.
Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, pour hot water and boil for 12 minutes. 5 minutes before end of cooking put a bay leaf. Broth strain, add sugar, honey, cranberry juice and bring to a boil.

Sbiten mint
Ingredients: honey — 3 tbsp. spoons, water, 2 cups, dried mint — 1/2 tsp, dried raspberry leaves or currants — 1/2 tsp. dried leaves of mint, raspberry or currant pour boiling water, leave for 25-30 minutes. Filter broth, add the honey. Drink mix and serve. If desired, add lemon.
In the hot season sbiten can be served cold. For the preparation was brought down, you can use different herbs, edible wild, depending on the season.

Sbiten rosehip
Ingredients: Dried rosehips — 1 cup water — 1 liter. At 1 AEs take 200-300 g of the broth.
Dry fruits of wild rose sorted, cleaned, pour hot water, boil for 10-15 minutes, insisting about 1 hour.
The infusion is poured off and added to sbiten the end of cooking.

Sbiten intoxicated (Russian mulled wine)
In sbiten, cooked in any recipe, at the end of cooking, add the red wine at the rate of 1200 g for 1 l was brought down.

Sbiten airny
Composition: Syrup: 0.5 liters of water, calamus root — about '20
For the syrup: sugar — 0.5 kg, water — 1 liter.
For sbitnya — brought down to 1 liter of 2-3 tbsp. spoon syrup. Airny prepare syrup. For this dry roots calamus pour boiling water and leave for 1 day to draw.
Infusion filter and add lemon juice, sugar dissolved in hot water and combined with the infusion of calamus. This syrup is bottled and stored in the cold under 1 year.
In ready sbiten, cooked in any recipe, add airny sugar syrup.

Sbiten with oregano
Ingredients: honey — 200 g dried oregano — on request.
Diluted honey in hot water, boil, removing the foam. Then dip into it
dried oregano, wrapped in a bag, and insist 2-3 hours.

Sbiten caraway
Ingredients: honey — 150-200 g, water — 1 liter, cumin — 5 g, gvok) w
2 Bud, Cinnamon Ground — 1h. spoon.
Cook as usual.

On materials UY Ivanichenko "All the drinks" M. Armada Press 2002
Photo by E. Medzhitova

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