The Americans have tried to expose our girl-X




Natasha Demkina from Saransk, first made famous in London, and then humiliated in New York

Natasha believes that her gift — it's not yet studied the science of the brain surprises.


After school — receiving patients

About the phenomenal abilities of 17-year-old Natasha whole world knew at the beginning of this year. Newspaper headlines about the "girl-X", which can shine through people as a medical device. Her gift was opened for no reason at age 10.

"Mom, I can see how blood moves you," — said Natasha suddenly lying on the couch with my mom. The two do not even scared. And not surprised when she suddenly started correctly pronounce the medical terms. But in the race they did not have a single doctor.

The first patient, of course, were my mother's girlfriend. Followed them familiar. When Natasha was already in the senior class at the door of her apartment a queue of patients from different cities. In the seven years' girl-X "," pierced eyes "of about 10 (!) Of thousands of patients.

The real fame struck the girl in January of this year. British journalists brought Natasha to London, and on one of the channels on the air in front of millions of viewers she showed miracles diagnosis with absolute success. Girl immediately became interested in the famous TV channel "Discovery", which decided to make a film about it. Natasha concluded with the channel for six months contract, a condition which was a ban on communication with other media.

During this time, Natasha graduated from high school with a gold medal. CSE gained 96 points out of 100. And, having passed a single exam in biology, became a student of the medical faculty of Moscow State University Dental. Semashko.

A "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has collected congress people, the "x" with the CIS. We are very sorry that Demkina was not among them. And recently, we learn: in New York City Commission for the Study of Paranormal put our Natasha, in our words, "two". A British newspaper "The Guardian" called Demkina charlatan.

She found a nail in the tooth

— No I am not an X-ray! — In the hearts immediately blurted it. — The function of X-rays is somewhat different from mine. The machine scans all at once. And to me, to see the whole body needs to be addressed separately by each body.

— Look at my jaw — get a surprise there — I asked Natasha through her teeth and closed her mouth tightly.

A few seconds of looking into each other's eyes, then she looks away and … slays me on the spot. "Girl X-Ray," "saw" stud-pin screwed into my root canal after the removal of the nerve year (!) Back, and even the knobs-seal on the gums on the inside (!) Side.

American tricks

— So what happened in New York? — I tried to find out, recovering after a mild shock.

The story as a family Demkina was really dark. In London, tested its ability to journalists. Near there was no doctor. By Natasha led by 6 — 8 patients, and then compared it with the diagnosis that was stamped in their medical charts. Match was one to one. So Natasha soon appeared on live television, where she "looked" of patients in front of the audience. In general, the success was stunning. But it is not confirmed by science.

Already other journalists from the channel "Discovery" Natasha was brought to New York and passed into the hands of the head of the Commission for the Study of Paranormal Richard Vayzmanu. It is famous for the fact that at one time allegedly led to clean water Uri Geller, who gaze bent iron spoons and stopped the clock on Big Ben. But Wiseman has no scientific degree. He is a former magician who has put himself to expose the tricks of others.

— The commission set up to me intolerable conditions in testing — says Natasha. — First, they put me in the same room at once with seven patients. And every one of them I had to make a diagnosis. And usually I take one at a time. Therefore, the session lasted for several hours. But in the end Wiseman me up. The diagnoses I could not compare to the official advice of the doctors. I did not show them then. For example, I "saw" a metal plate in his head for one guy. Or maybe it was not? In another test, I asked to specify whether one person out of seven, which has a scar on the body. And there were two women with completely identical scars, and in the same place. Once the causes of origin of these scars were different from the one cut out the appendix, and the other was a gynecological operation. I mentioned this to a misunderstanding Commission, as they say, I should point only to one person. I psihanula and pointed to the one with the gynecology because it is more serious than appendicitis. And to offset the commission, it turns out, needed a woman with a scar from appendicitis. So I have not included one more point. Moreover, one of the committee members accused me that I get information about patients by SMS. Of God, or what? I'm in America, no friends and no enemies. And one psychologist argued that I see the disease on gestures and facial expressions. And even offered to diagnose the patient with me. As a result, it has a score of zero, and I have 4 out of 7. That's almost 60 percent hit. But the Commission still does not recognize my phenomenon.

— The movie you liked about herself? (It was shown on the channel "Discovery" on October 17. — Ed.)

— I'm on it … parallel — not conceal his displeasure, said Natalia. — Key phrase that sounded at the end of the film, put me on the cross: "If we were to recognize Natasha's gift, you have to throw out the entire fundamental medicine in the trash." I needed to shoot as an opportunity to dispel the unusual abilities.

Svetlana COUSIN
Photo by Ivan Timoshino.

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