The Arctic Ocean is fresh

The content of fresh water in the Arctic Ocean has increased by one-fifth compared with 1990. These results, published by the Institute of Polar and Marine Research, Alfred Wegener Institute in the journal Deep-Sea Research.

Arctic Ocean absorbs a lot of fresh water. Its sources — big Siberian and North American rivers, sediments and glaciers. In addition, it receives salted water of the Pacific Ocean.

Fresh water is lighter than salt and therefore accumulates in the upper ocean layer.

Benjamin Reuben and his team analyzed the 5000 measure salinity profiles at various depths. They used data from sensors on ships, on drifting ice floes and submarines. Large amount of data was collected in the framework of the International Polar Year 2007/2008.

When comparing the distribution of salinity in 2006-2008 with similar data 1992-1999, researchers found that a layer of desalinated water on the surface was great. They evaluated the allowance of 20%, which is 8400 cubic kilometers.

The main reasons rozprisnennya Arctic Ocean — increased melting of glaciers, increased precipitation and increased river flow. The researchers confirmed these findings using mathematical modeling.

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