The attack on the Artur Finkevich. The guy is in the hospital

Artur Finkevich and Alexander Lykshin moved towards the BPF office Masherova prospectus. Suddenly ran up to them a couple of people streamed into the eyes of unknown liquid and knocked down.

Arthur and Alexandra were beaten with hands and feet. In Finkievich confiscated a laptop, flash, money and mobile phone. All occurred in the courtyard in front of numerous witnesses. Residents called the police and an ambulance.

Arthur with his eyes closed was taken to the 10th hospital. The doctors said that on the face and the eyes have a burn from the liquid which he gushed in the face, bruised jaw, head, inflicted other obvious significant beating.

One of the witnesses reported seeing hitters with a young woman.

Arthur is convinced that the attack was due to the fact that Congress will take place in a day, "Young Belarus", the leader of which he is a national. Judging by the way the act unknown in civilian clothes, he believes that this could be only the officials of some units of the "Diamond".


activists, harassment

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