The battery will — learn to charge

November 24, 2011 13:21

These people are called lucky. Envy them, and so for the eyes vilify. They are equal and try to wriggle their trust. They rise out of deep poverty, disability and other factors. They own the hearts and minds of millions of people. They live a bright and exciting. They have no time to hurt. They are really happy.

This is not a rare success — this is natural. They all live in different ways. Identical to only one thing — the steps taken to success. All these people have a common quality. It is not innate. It comes with every step. Strengthened, polished and is trouble free as damask sword. Quality called — will!

This article, which opens a new section — "stair of success." Column, densely intersecting "foundation reasons." Therefore, I advise her to get acquainted with the post "Disease and failure — the main reason," "As the weeds in the head scratching and Destiny", "Working on the reasons — change of the investigation", "internal staircase," "Recreation, rejuvenation, and will, — what is the connection ? "," clean blockages. " The techniques disclosed therein, quality supplement this material. Now from words to deeds.

Free the attic — the law and the law of voids boomerang

Remember when Watson began to hammer Holmes head astronomer, he politely thanked him, but said he would try to forget it quickly. Then he said the words of the head comparison with a loft, downtrodden old junk. While it does not throw, the attic will not work.

In the world of acting interesting law, similar in principle to the law of reservoirs. Flowing water is prevented from becoming a lake in the swamp. If you are on a low or medium level of wealth or health, this law works perfectly. The more stuff you have accumulated, the less will appear new. This is also true with respect to the old things — clothes, equipment, drives, magazines and so on. And to the people. This stuff not only limits the space of an apartment, but invisibly entangles us hundreds, pulls luck. How could she come from, if the old life does not breathe? Nature abhors a vacuum. Take advantage of this.

And if you finally decided to throw out the old and well-worn jeans kasetnik should do that in mind. To get under the law boomerang. This law will only work if these things you are really expensive, and not just junk. They must hand out, and trying to find people who will use them, and not, fans of a freebie. Thus, you will discover not just things, but necessary and good. Feel the difference?

Keep your distance — the law of the circuit

Fortress chain determines the weakest link. This is known. So the intersection of people in a society constantly creates the chain. They are like an electric — transfer charge. This, above all, information viruses — all sorts of memes. Ranging from anecdotes and haunting melody to things more serious. Theme memes and influence of the unconscious understand these articles — "Covert Hypnosis — Myth or Reality?", "Fundamentals covert hypnosis", "Covert Hypnosis Techniques," "Secrets of the inner pharmacy", "You're a healer myself," "Mental pills" .

If a person does not believe in you, to limit their contacts necessary. Doubt — rust eating away at all the best in life. Realize you can not respond, but subconsciously pick up this infection. Seneca still advised to avoid failures, critics and cynics. Man, who returned his health in 70 years became famous as a swimmer, philosopher and political activist, can be trusted.

Avoided participating in gossip. Nothing is so rarefied our batteries as a mockery of someone's back and wash the bones. Want to have fun — see comedy. Your bile scares kairos. But it is, by the way.

People always unsettled destructive. I do not mean money. Not all of them have a lot of. But you instantly distinguish failure of its opposite. In a speech to the first words always appearing as they imagine it, the bastards, the bastards, the thieves, the officials, the bosses, the government, politicians, mafia and further down the list. These people — selective mirror of the world. They reflect the curves and therefore the ugly side of life. The more of these reflectors, the more life becomes a kingdom of crooked mirrors.

Try to avoid these subjects. If you can not, stop to sing, they do not like solos. Own rebound. Understand that while you're with them — you are the same.

Do not turn down the toilet — take care of the ears and the brain

Throw a habit to listen to the whiners and fools from their lives. The best defense — attack. Start behaving inappropriately and bullshit. Hammer tanks to complete, if you can not dodge. Soon they will begin to shy away from you like a leper.

Greysya near the merry

If possible, meet with the cheerful, cheerful people. Give them your interest and attention. To come back to you threefold.

So say introductory. Start doing that, and a couple of world laws will help promote the wheel of luck. But the most interesting thing to come.

Many talents — thrust unit

Sociologists different countries conducted an interesting study. It turned out that the brilliant graduates of schools and colleges, as a rule, life is not achieved. 95% of them for life in the second and third roles. Of people who have achieved great success in areas such as business, politics, the arts, with higher education 30%, half of which — it is acquired later, together with fame and money diplomas. It turns out that education plays no role in achieving success in life.

Of achieved success in any field marked by enormous 99% persistence. Output. Talented, and even many men of genius, but it does not prevent them vegetate. Significantly more educated, but rarely of them reaches outstanding success. Thrust units to hundreds of thousands. 99% of them are bound to be successful in its implementation.

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