The biblical God is who He is?

Go to the Bible can be treated in different ways, but we can not remain indifferent. Some it is simply inspiring, for others — a source of doctrine, third beckons with its mystery and a desire to unravel all its mysteries. Perhaps it is — the only book which has reached us, which opens lengthy dialogues between man and God, represented in it by the Creator and the Creator of the Universe.


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But who he is — God of the Bible? Divine epiphanies (phenomenon) as described in the Old Testament, came to the attention seekers of extraterrestrial civilizations — ufologists. Among them there is a perception that Yyahve or Jehovah (the so-called Jewish people of God) is not other than the alien astronaut, having at its disposal a staff of astronauts angels.

It is he who, in their view, by the then unknown technology has worked wonders: fro, visiting with perfect flying machines with laser weapons on board their elected representatives — the prophets. He gave them specific instructions and installed through them sacerdotal priesthood for the worship of himself.

In fact, if we read into the line of the biblical narrative, there is a conclusion: God is well aware of the conduct of military affairs, versed in ecology, zoology and medicine, as well as the properties of the metal, has a good knowledge. It turns out that people who lived about three thousand years ago, not understanding what is happening as they are today understands it, even a child of seven, it could be called a creature, does wonders — God.

We have to admit: a critical look at the Scriptures, even ufology, gives a lot of results and opens new ground for thinking theologians. Not for nothing that the Roman Catholic Church is now confidently recognize the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. But God — not whether one of their representatives?

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