The child has a stomach ache, what should parents do?

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Abdominal pain, indigestion, constipation. These problems are familiar not only adults but also children. And if adults are usually toil stomach after errors in the diet, the children often cause discomfort new products, to which the body is not accustomed to the baby.

After the addition of new products in the diet, besides breast milk and infant formula often begin babies cry as unknown for digesting food they lack specific enzymes produced by, inter alia, the pancreas. Typically this leads to gastric colic and constipation.

Of course, the cause of colic is not so much in the food, but in the fact that a child while eating swallows air, which and causes discomfort in the abdomen, and it happens because the baby has not yet learned how to eat new foods. In case of colic enough to hold the baby upright so that the air from the stomach out with regurgitation.

As constipation is actually only so called permanent rare chair (1-2 times per week), and the child attendant carminative or bloating, which may be a manifestation of liver, pancreas or thyroid therefore such a situation, you should consult your doctor.

If this is an isolated incident related to unusual food, it can help the dried fruits (apricots, prunes and raisins) or fresh vegetables as well as vegetable fibers enhances intestinal motility.
A balanced diet and moderate exercise are usually sufficient prevention of constipation.

"Acute abdomen"

Remember: "Acute stomach"- A sharp, sudden, extreme pain in the abdomen. Abdomen becomes hard as a board, there is sweating, temperature.

"Acute abdomen" says appendicitis, pancreatitis, renal colic, and in girls, with a number of gynecological diseases.

In such a situation, in any case can not self-medicate, in particular — take pills. This can worsen the condition of the child and complicate the process of his treatment after hospitalization.

If a child is "acute abdomen" — his life is in danger! Urgent call "03" and go to the hospital.


How to help your child cope with the new food? Very simple: give the child after food preparation, which will contain the same substances that are lacking for the functioning of the intestines. One of these drugs — "Creon." It comprises pancreatic enzymes promote digestion.

The use of enzyme preparations can achieve complete digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates needed each day for your child growth and development. To learn more about the enzyme preparations may be in the pediatric gastroenterologist.

The transition from homemade food to feed in the nursery or kindergarten are also often causes intestinal disorders and discomfort or pain in the abdomen. Admission to the period of adaptation drugs that improve digestion, almost always turns out to be quite effective. If drugs like "Creon" does not help, then, most likely, the child had developed dysbiosis.

Regardless of whether the child attends child care or not, the cause of abdominal pain can be oily, spicy food or fast food (often, alas — to the parent table). These products have a negative effect on the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Most of these problems occur in a child in elementary school, when he appeared able to independently vary their diet. As long as the educational work and the habit of healthy eating in your child's still inferior to the natural child of passion to everything tasty and harmful, be careful not to overfeed your baby at home. In second place after the educational methods there are also receiving drugs that improve digestion — "Creon" and similar.

Remember! Neither baby even starved himself to death and did not get to the hospital because of the reluctance to eat up mess. The amount of food that parents and grandparents can cram into the unfortunate heir, is not proof of love for offspring and should not be a criterion of teaching success.

Alas, often grandmothers and great-grandmother did not believe in favor of gastronomic moderation. So you should always be prepared for the fact that after my grandmother treats the child returns to the parent hands sluggish, apathetic, it will be sick, despite the fact that food was the most delicious and healthy — is semolina and black caviar.

To facilitate the child's condition after eating should keep him calm. In this case, "Creon" can help by the following features: in contrast to other enzymatic means, it consists of a capsule filled minimicrospheres. The capsule is opened and the stomach minimicrospheres — a special, innovative dosage form — quickly mixed with food.

Due to the fact that many minimicrospheres they better contact with food than other drugs that are composed of a "large" spheres or tablets. Of course, the enzymes need to dose depends on the age and body weight, so the capsule may be opened and read off as "beads", as registered by the doctor, and then easily close. Thus, acid-resistant shell is not broken, what's going on with the tablet if it is divided into parts, which means "Creon" will act exactly where you need it.


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