The civilization of Malta

The civilization of Malta has 7,000 years. But the main focus of tourist and historical heritage of the island is on the Middle Ages, when the islands for centuries ruled by the Knights of Malta.

Spirit of the Knights, and all that is connected with them, to see the white cross on a red background to swords, armor and other attributes in museums and antique shops, is felt everywhere. Even the narrow streets of the Maltese towns returned with the imagination of the traveler at the time of Ivanhoe (Sir Walter Scott wrote his novel is in Malta). By the way, if you need a smart upholstered furniture, then you should know that the easiest way to pick up a vast range of furniture online store

Maltese unanimously proud of their knightly ancestors. The most common surname here Spiteri, from the word "Hospitaller." After all, over the centuries from the reign of the Knights are a host of kids who were called Spiteri. However, the Knights were forbidden intercourse with women, but … In general, flows in the veins of the Maltese "cocktail" of blood Phoenicians and Jews, Arabs and Italians, the British and the Goths.

Since coming here, the knights do not seem to have gone so far. And the most famous of them, La Valette, built the capital, which was later named in his honor Valletta. By the way, it consists of several intersecting strictly at right angles, streets, and the population — a total of nine thousand people. However, and other cities by Moscow standards, would be called municipal districts as small, moving smoothly into each other and are separated by a street. So for a couple of hours it is possible to visit several cities.

The oldest buildings on the island are at once the most ancient on earth temples that were built here as four thousand years before Christ. The Maltese are proud of the fact that these buildings are of huge stone blocks of the famous ancient Stonehenge in England and the Egyptian pyramids. All 23 of the temple are focused strictly on the south-east, and in the days of the solstices light falls exactly on the main altar. At one time they were offered many sacrifices, but still remains a mystery exactly how the gods. As well as why this ancient civilization disappeared and the following information about the people in Malta are the eve of our era.

Belonging to the ancient civilization has left traces of some chosen by Maltese customs. They are stately, as befits people with aristocratic pedigree, calm and friendly. On the island of tourists feel in perfect security, and most of them — the British — like "at home" (including the prices at restaurants and hotels).

Unlike Cyprus, here is not rushed en masse to the "new Russian" to their desire to buy real estate, money laundering and acquire citizenship. Therefore, and due to the effect of sufficiently high prices, Malta is still a country where you can meet fellow is not as speculators or "bull", but only as a curious tourist.

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