The collapse of the Volga

October 15, 2012 1:24

The collapse of the Volga

This was in the late eighties. I was still in school and was interested in astronomy.
One day it occurred to me in a notebook to sketch the trajectory of flying over my house and satellites during their flight. I stared at the starry sky, and finally — here it is! I take a notebook, write the time I draw. And then something happened with the satellite was wrong.

Flying a short distance, he stopped, ran to the other side, again freezes, and then did the sky began to write intricate bends. I knew from school physics course, a need to move satellites. "It just can not be!" — I thought. And then next to the first "companion" had a second, equally strange instance, and a little behind the third. I watched for a long time for these objects, and they continued vytantsovyvat in the sky, then accelerating, then still hovering, contrary to all known laws of physics to me.

Since then, I was often looking at the starry sky and repeatedly found these glowing balls.

 I showed these objects to their friends, but did not cause no one interest.

— Well, you never know what military vehicles now have — they said. — We just do not talk about it …

It was … August evening in 1989. I was resting on the Volga, in the village of ash. My friend and I were sitting on a bench and watched the shining lights mnogopalubnymi many ships sailing past the river. Behind us were not high, but very picturesque Zhiguli Mountains.
The sky was any special stellar. From time to time we flew over the flashing in the darkness of aircraft.
Chatting with a friend, I caught noted that an aircraft is not like the others. Three large fire without blinking, moving fast at low altitude right along the Volga. One got the impression that this is a massive triangular device with bright lights at the ends. Suddenly the "airplane" froze povisel some time on the river and suddenly flew straight towards us. It quickly grew in size.

— Look! Plane crashes on us! — I cried a friend.

We lost. It seemed that the object is about to collapse on us, but covered by panic, we could not move. Our cries looked out of the windows and the neighbors too bewildered stare upwards.
I noticed that from the back of the object began to take off glowing balls, similar to the ones that I have been repeatedly observed in the sky. They lined up the subject in a checkerboard pattern. Triangle little changed trajectory, which probably saved us, and disappeared into the mountains behind us. After a few moments in the place flashed flash like lightning storm, but no sound or shock wave followed.

Eyewitnesses at each other in confusion. Probably each of us thought it was "they" — the ones which are regularly mentioned in the newspapers. We realized that, most of all, with these unknown aliens from other planets, something happened, and the bad. Meanwhile, the outbreak in the fall of UFOs continued. However, they are increasingly shifted to the right somewhere, and soon ceased.
It was late, we went home, hoping that tomorrow on radio and television we will explain what happened. But then, like it or not we handle radios, no matter how much viewing newspapers, nothing about what they have found. Silent and television. And most of my friends continued to stubbornly insist that all this is nonsense and no UFOs do not exist.

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